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Can I buy Steam game keys?

Can I buy Steam Game Keys on Steam (and not some shady keystore, actual steam!) to give them away to random people on the internet. Buying it as a gift Send via email and pasting the link isn’t a valid option, since the link only works for an account that’s linked to that email adress. (right?) No.

Where can I buy game keys for cheap?

There’s a whole outside world of online stores selling game keys for cheap. The best Steam key sites now offer a vast range of games, from AAA to indie, at competitive prices and also unique store features like curated bundles and subscription services.

Is it safe to buy game keys from CDKeys?

In other words, CDKeys can validate every game code that’s sold on their site using their own in-house vetting processes, while other game key marketplaces just can’t do that at scale. Buying game keys from grey market sites can be OK every once in a while, but we don’t recommend making it a habit.

What is a grey market game key reseller?

Game key resellers (also known as grey market sellers) are individuals or organizations that sell game keys but have no official affiliation with game developers or game publishers. There are legitimate reasons to sell game keys.

What is fanatical star deal?

Fanatical also has “Star Deals”, which are deep discounts available for a limited time or until the site’s stock of keys runs out.

How long is the Humble Bundle refund?

Humble Bundle offers a generous 60-day refund period, with each request manually reviewed by the store’s support team. They don’t specify any other conditions that need to be met beyond being within the return period.

What is fanatic bundle?

Fanatical’s bundles are a great way to add a whole bunch of solid games to your Steam account at a low price. Fanatical also has “Star Deals”, which are deep discounts available for a limited time or until the site’s stock of keys runs out.

How much does a Humble Bundle cost?

Humble Bundle’s signature offerings are the pay-what-you-want bundles, which work on a tiered unlock basis. Bundles usually start at $1, which gets you at least one game. The first extra tier unlocks a few more games and is set at the average price paid by other purchasers of the bundle. There’s also an additional final tier that gives you a few more games.

What is an unofficial retailer?

An unofficial retailer (sometimes known as a gray market site) is a third-party store that doesn’t get its keys from game publishers.

When did the Humble Bundle launch?

Humble Bundle now offers both its signature bundles and a more traditional online storefront, the Humble Store, launched in 2013. The Humble Store works like most other authorized game key websites, offering various games from all the usual storefronts such as Steam and the Epic Games Store. The Humble Store also offers a DRM-free option when available.

How long does it take to get your money back from Green Man Gaming?

Green Man Gaming offers a standard refund period. The store gives you the chance to get your money back within seven days of purchase, as long as you haven’t downloaded the game or revealed the key on the GMG website.

What Is a Game Key Reseller?

Game key resellers (also known as grey market sellers) are individuals or organizations that sell game keys but have no official affiliation with game developers or game publishers.

Why do we trust CDKeys?

Why do we trust CDKeys over all other grey market sites? Because CDKeys maintains their own network of partners and suppliers from whom they receive their discount game codes.

What happened to MangaGamer in 2016?

In 2016, game publisher MangaGamer lost thousands of dollars to stolen game codes. A hacker reportedly bought dozens of games using stolen credit cards, and later sold them on G2A.

Why do game developers lose money?

Game developers lose money on these illegally-bought video games—not only because they don’t actually get the money from purchases made with stolen credit cards, but they often get slammed with costly credit card chargeback fees as well. 2.

How do these organizations acquire those game keys so cheaply?

But how do these organizations acquire those game keys so cheaply? One common method is arbitrage, which means they buy game keys from cheaper regions of the world to sell in other regions where games are priced much higher.

Can you buy game keys from the grey market?

Buying game keys from grey market sites can be OK every once in a while, but we don’t recommend making it a habit. The cheap price comes with risks and downsides. But if you’re on a tight budget and your only options are to buy from game key resellers or pirate your games, we encourage going with the legal option!

Can you resell game codes?

On a broader scale, some organizations are able to acquire digital game codes in bulk at far below market price , and they can resell those digital game codes at a discount while still earning a profit. This is legal and acceptable (for the most part).

Why Is CDkeys So Cheap?

Next to the CDKeys’ legitimacy issue is another problem on their prices.

What is CDKeys?

CDKeys is a grey market site that sells gift cards and game keys. However, unlike its competitors, CDKeys doesn’t have joysticks, skins, in-game currencies, and software in its niche. They came about the time when digital copies of popular games took off.

What does it mean when a website key is bought globally?

This means that they buy these website keys globally, and when these bulk purchases come together, they save from the distribution costs.

How long does it take to get a game key?

The entire purchasing and sending process only takes somewhere between five to ten minutes, so you get your purchase in an instant. Both the process of purchasing a game key and dashboard on the website is user-friendly …

Is CDkeys a legit company?

Without an iota of doubt, CDkeys is not only legit, but it’s an ethical company that you can surely trust. Their transparency in justifying their cheaper price points is enough to convince one that they’re not a blackhat company. They have also been in the industry for a long time.

What is the gist of reviews?

The gist of the reviews is about the great pricing schemes, easy installation process, and easy payment systems.

Is CDkeys a good seller?

The good news is that despite these rare issues, CDkeys generally enjoy an untainted third-party seller reputation. Most of their customers never had issues purchasing keys from them. They are also known for strict rules against the trading of stolen keys. This is their advantage over other third-party resellers.

How much does Gravity Ghost cost on Steam?

The Steam key for Gravity Ghost, the new release from Ivy Games, cost Polygon $12.44. The indie game is just a few weeks old, and currently the only place to buy it is through the Humble Bundle store or Steam itself. Or rather, those are the official places to buy it. There, the game sells for $14.99.

How many tickets were received in Kinguin?

Kinguin went into substantially more detail about the effect on their business, posting on their blog that more than 4,600 customer service tickets were received in a short period of time, requiring the refund of the equivalent of $170,000 to customers. While G2A declined to comment on how many of its sellers were involved, Kinguin says that only 35 of its 3,400 merchants were involved.

How many customers are affected by G2A?

G2A told Polygon that around 2,000 customers were affected and that their customer service team has been inundated with requests for help, leading to significant delays in problem resolution, even for members of their preferred customer program called G2A Shield.

Is G2A a marketplace?

Both G2A and Kinguin advertise themselves as marketplaces where these types of transactions can occur, and by and large they both offer a very similar service.

Did Ubisoft remove games from Uplay?

The story goes like this: Just a few weeks ago Ubisoft revoked the game keys of an unknown number of Uplay members. Their action effectively removed games from user accounts, blocking them from being launched remotely.

When was G2A founded?

G2A’s senior global public relations manager Jens Quentin told Polygon that his company, which was founded in 2010, served more than 2 million customers in 2014 across more than 5 million transactions.

Did Ubisoft take away games?

Ubisoft forum members were outraged that the company would take away games which they had , to their knowledge, successfully activated through their Uplay accounts. They were furthermore offended that Ubisoft would revoke those keys at all, regardless of whether or not they were purchased originally with stolen credit cards.

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