which shares to buy today in indian market

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Dabur India sharesare the best shares to buy today in Indian market long term. Marico Why You Should Buy Marico Shares? Maricois a fantastic investment. Perhaps HULis a suitable investment for your portfolio. On 2021-07-30, the Marico Limited quotation is 547.000 INR.

Which companies in India have buy signal in stock market?

CEAT Limited is trading around 1240.20. CEATLTD has BUY signal since 2022-07-06 for last 17 Days. The India Cements Limited is trading around 187.65. INDIACEM has BUY signal since 2022-07-05 for last 18 Days. J.Kumar Infraprojects Limited is trading around 336.10.

What is the stock market?

Join Now! Stocks on the stock market represent ownership that can be claimed on the businesses. Stocks are very popular among traditional traders and investors as most of the largest companies are present on these exchanges.

What was the highest new open interest in Indian market?

The highest new open interest (OI) addition was seen at 18000 for Calls and 17000 for Puts in weekly and at 18000 for Calls and 16500 for Puts in monthly contracts. Indian market opened flat on Wednesday tracking muted global cues. The SP BSE Sensex broke below 59500 levels while Nifty50 held on to 17800 levels in the first 15-minutes of trade.

What are nooresh Merani and Kunal Bothra’s Buy/Sell recommendations?

Nooresh Merani has a buy/sell recommendation on Bharti Airtel and Sun Pharma while Kunal Bothra has buy/sell recommendation on United Spirits and Oberoi Realty for today’s trading session. Check out the targets and stoploss. (Disclaimer: Recommendations, suggestions, views and opinions given by the experts are their own.

What is Bitcoin halving?

Bitcoin halving is an event that algorithmically reduces these rewards for mining new bitcoins. The halving event occurs every 210,0

Why is a cheap multiple driven approach to valuation not working?

A reason why a cheap multiple driven approach to ‘Value" is not working is that, in fact, cheap valuation could be misleading.

Is SBI a good stock?

Sbi has very nice record, this stock has been among top bank nigty loser stock constantly. Inspire of good results it going down. Even bandhan bank recover to 300 and Rbl trading at 225 even after posting bad results.

Can investors control the outcomes?

Investors can‘t control the outcomes, but they can learn to make better decisions, which will in-turn improve the outcomes. Sumaira

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