which is the best henry hoover on the market

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Is James Hoover a good vacuum cleaner?

James Hoover Review James Hoover is a member of the Henry Hoover range. George Hoover is an all-in-one, wet and dry vacuum cleaner from the Numatic Hoover range. She may not be as famous as Henry, but Hetty hoover – otherwise known as the pink Henry vacuum – can certainly pack a punch when it comes to cleaning.

Why is Henry the Hoover so popular?

Henry the Hoover has become a mainstay in British households since his introduction in the early 1980s, meaning the original Henry Hoover has now been cleaning UK households and workplaces for more than fourty years. Famed for this smiling face and red colour, Henry has become a firm favourite and a vacuum of choice.

Is the Henry Cordless Hoover any good?

It’s perfect for builders and tradespeople who need a vacuum cleaner that’ll operate on sites where power sockets are difficult to come by. But the real difference between other competitor cordless hoovers is that Henry has a large dust capacity.

Are there different types of Henry Hoover?

And while Henry is the model we all recognise, there are a few different models that specialise in allergies or pet hair. Our best Henry hoover guide has numatic options with cordless controls, as well as extra large ones for family-sized messes and compact ones for small spaces. Which Henry vacuum should you buy?

What is the difference between Henry and Hetty?

Apart from her appearance, Hetty is exactly the same vacuum. The only real difference is that Hetty is pink compared to the traditional red. She also comes complete with eyelashes to add to her more feminine appearance.

Which vacuum cleaner is best for pets?

If you have pets in your home or workplace, than Harry Hoover is likely to be the best suited vacuum cleaner from the Numatic range for you. Despite being very similar to Henry in terms of performance, where Harry really comes into his own is the additional changes that have made to help him specifically tackle stubborn pet hair.

How much does Henry vacuum cleaner weigh?

With a number of useful accessories included in the box, no cleaning job should be too hard. Henry weighs in at 8kg, so whilst not light, he can be moved around your home fairly easily.

How many litres is James’ bag?

Yellow in colour, James has a slightly smaller bag capacity – eight litres rather than nine – than that of Henry, his more famous family member. But in terms of performance there is no noticeable difference with the same motor size as Henry and Hetty; it’s once again a very capable machine built by Numatic International.

What is George Hoover?

George Hoover. George is the ultimate all-in-one vacuum, more than capable with both dry and wet vacuuming. Like the rest of the Numatic International range, George is great at cleaning dry floors and picking up all sorts of dirt. But what really helps George to stand out is his ability with wet floors.

What is George’s brother’s name?

George’s younger brother, Charles is another all-in-one vacuum that can tackle both dry and wet surfaces with ease. With the same powerful motor as George and the same dry and wet bag capacity, other than his blue appearance the differences between George and Charles aren’t obvious. Key features. – 1,200 Watt Motor.

Is James Hoover a vacuum cleaner?

The frugal member of the family, James Hoover is a slightly smaller vacuum cleaner and comes with a couple of other alterations.

Who are Henry’s Friends?

Of course, we all know that an entire family of the Numatic vacuum cleaners now exists. There are a few other names, and they each offer something a little bit different.

What is the difference between a Henry hoover and a cordless hoover?

But the real difference between other competitor cordless hoovers is that Henry has a large dust capacity. It offers a completely different value proposition when compared to competitors – which rarely have a dust capacity that is more than 1 litre (versus Henry’s mighty 6-litre load).

What is Henry vacuum cleaner?

The Henry Vacuum Cleaner is an illustrious example of British innovation. Not only are they used in homes worldwide, but it’s also a trusted tool to many professional cleaners. There is currently a small selection to choose from. You can choose the HVR160 or the HVR200 – the latter being the slightly beefed up version.

How many Henry vacuums have been sold?

The iconic Henry vacuum cleaner is a product you can feel proud to use. No surprise that over 10 million have been sold (and counting). It’s favoured by professional cleaners and arguably the best all-around vacuum for the home. It’s a design that’s been around since the 80’s, but it has thoroughly modern technological innovation within.

How many models of Henry are there?

When it comes to Henry, there are 3 main models, the 160, 200, and the cordless – each is listed below:

How long has the Porsche 911 been around?

It’s like the Porsche 911 – that model of car has been around for over 5 decades, but the engineers just keep perfecting it every few years to keep it ahead of the competition. And as a result, that car is generally accepted as one of the greatest of all time.

Is the Henry Hoover cordless vacuum cleaner good?

It’s unrestrained by the cord. This is an incredible product in the range. It removes the need for a power supply, yet maintains its ability as a highly powerful, and effective, vacuum cleaner. This model is a bit pricier than a corded model, however, it is incredible value when compared to other popular cordless vacuums. The Henry Hoover Cordless is probably the most user-friendly and simple to use cordless vacuum out there (it’s also incredibly effective). It’s perfect for builders and tradespeople who need a vacuum cleaner that’ll operate on sites where power sockets are difficult to come by.

Henry HVR 160 vacuum

A classic vacuum cleaner for a reason, the Henry is lightweight and durable. Easy to move around when vacuuming any space, it also has a huge capacity which is up to five times bigger than other bagless vacuum cleaners – making it popular with professional cleaners.

Harry HHR 200 vacuum

Perfect for homes with pets, the Harry vacuum removes pet hair from surfaces it also reduces unwanted odours that can come from pets and dirt, thanks to the HepaFlo dust bags which are designed to capture the tiniest particles. Plus, its Numatic Performance Control ensures a quiet motor, too, so you can vacuum without disturbing any dozing animals.

Henry Allergy HVA 160

Awarded the British Allergy Foundation seal of approval, the Henry Allergy vacuum cleaner is ideal for those who suffer with dust or pet hair allergies. Thanks to its advanced three-stage filtration system, this Henry keeps dust at bay, with a crevice tool that can reach difficult and delicate surfaces.

George GVE 370 vacuum

An all-in-one bit of kit, George can take care of regular vacuuming tasks but is also specially designed to tackle hard-floor cleaning with its Dual Scrub Floor Tool. It can easily take on carpet stains when combined with the wash kit provided, which should revive any unsightly areas in your home and keep your flooring looking fresh.

Charles vacuum

Excellent in an emergency, the Charles vacuum can suck up liquids, which means it can take on a sizeable spillage and even unblock a sink or shower drain.

Numatic Eco

With all the functions you’d expect from a traditional Henry hoover, the Eco is designed for those looking to make their home as environmentally-friendly as possible. Made from top quality recycled materials, it runs on a high-efficiency 420 W motor which reduces energy usage in your home, and works out to be more cost effective as a result.

How many stars does the Henry vacuum cleaner have?

Amazon buyers gave the cordless Henry vacuum cleaner an overall 4.1 out of five stars. Reviewers scored the machine’s ease of assembly, versatility and durability highly. Users were pleased with its suction power, and the dirt capacity compared to cordless competitors. The two battery option was appreciated by some, so that a battery is always ready.

How many stars does Numatic have?

Although there aren’t many reviewers on the Numatic site, those that bought this vacuum cleaner there are delighted with their purchase and award the full five stars. The light weight and ease of changing dust bags are mentioned, as is the cleaner’s power.

What is Henry HVR200-11?

The Henry HVR200-11 vacuum cleaner is one of our favourite vacs ever (editor in chief of RealHomes.com is a dedicated fan. ‘I’m on my third,’ she says. ‘We’ve used and abused it through three house renovations and my other half even uses it to vacuum the patio (don’t ask). It refuses to die – or dip in performance.’

What is the best Henry vacuum?

To recap… the best Henry vacuum (in our opinion) is the Henry HVR200-11 vacuum cleaner. It’s one of our favourite vacuum cleaners which we can not fault. It can withstand literally what life throws at it, even house renovation dust. This particular model is also very quiet and tames pet hair incredible well, too.

Where is Henry vacuum made?

The Henry vacuum, proudly designed and made in the UK, can claim worldwide recognition – and we’re not sure there’s another vacuum cleaner out there that can compete with it. Its reputation is well-deserved: Numatic vacuum cleaners aren’t just well-priced, they’re incredibly durable and reliable, plus they’re powerful, too.

Is the Henry HVR160 a good vacuum cleaner?

If you live in a small home or lack storage space, the compact Henry HVR160 vacuum cleaner is a good buy.

Does Cleanstore vacuum clean fur?

At Cleanstore, shoppers also rate the vac’s efficiency in cleaning up fur, as well as dust and dirt. They also note the usefulness of the attachments and the robustness of the machine. Its quietness is also remarked on.

Who makes the Henry Hoover family?

Henry is made by the British manufacturer Numatic International Ltd. Numatic are a Somerset based company with over 700 employees! The company was founded by Chris Duncan in 1968 when he spotted a gap in the market for a compact canister vacuum. He realised there was a need for a machine that was not only durable, but easy to maintain and work with on a daily basis.

How many products does Numatic have?

Numatic now boast a product range of well over 200 products, including those for industrial applications. With Numatics foundations firmly in commercial applications their domestic range is built to a standard that you just don’t see in other vacuum cleaners on the market.

What is a Henry Extra Hoover?

Henry Xtra Hoover. The Henry Extra hoover was introduced to replace what was once known as the “Henry turbo”. The original machine has an electric floor tool, although this floor tool proved to be effective at cleaning, it was also apparent that it was too heavy and was not as reliable as Numatic would have liked.

What do people hate about vacuum cleaners?

One of the things that people hate most about vacuum cleaners is that the cable storage is normally poor and awkward to use , Henry has the solution and this is one of his best attributes. On top of his head in that neat black hat is a cable reel with rewind handle, so when you are done cleaning you can simply and quickly wind the 10 metre cable back inside him. This means in our experience that the cable will not get knotted, or tangled, and certainly won’t be trailed all over your cleaning cupboard floor. The cable however is still long enough that you will seldom have to unplug him when cleaning as he has a really good range.

How many litres is a 2016 Numatic?

For 2016 Numatic decided that she should undergo a bit of an update, she is now more petite than before with a 6 litre capacity. She does still boast the same performance as the now slightly larger Henry, however during the update Numatic added a neat storage solution on her back for all of her accessories, making her a pleasure to clean with.

What is the James Hoover JVP180?

By removing the ‘rewind’ cable head, and creating a slightly smaller drum the James provides the same great performance as the rest of the range, just in a slightly smaller package. He comes with an aluminium toolset that is nice and light to use.

Does Henry use a 1200W motor?

In 2015 Henry had one of his biggest reboots. EU legislation meant that the 1200W motor had to go, this was not however something that would be detrimental to his performance. The clever people in the research department at Numatic altered the type of accessories that he came with and used a more modern motor to deliver 30% better airflow improving cleaning performance whilst using only 680W of power. This will reduce your power consumption by nearly 50% saving you money and giving you improved cleaning results, a definite “Win Win!”.

Should You Buy One?

The Henry Hoover range has a simple design that makes it easy to carry, maneuver and store. And unlike some other vacuum brands that are co-incidentally more expensive, they offer great suction and never break down, as they are they are built to last.

What is included in the Henry Hoover kit?

As you can rightly tell, the kit includes everything to keep your home clean and tidy, irrespective of your peculiar home situation.

What is the wet mode on a Henry vacuum?

And in the wet mode, the wet utility takes all of the effort out of cleaning your floor. They also come equipped with long power cables.

What is George vacuum cleaner?

George: With 5 cleaning options, George is an ‘All-in-one’ vacuum cleaner that is suitable for wet or dry vacuuming, cleaning upholstery and carpets, as well as scrub and drying of hard floors.

What is the Henry Hoover?

Henry: Built with a powerful 1200W motor with , the Henry is the original little red Henry Hoover. Its combination of strength, versatility and affordability makes it stand out from the others. This is by far the most popular in the Henry range, it would make sense looking at the names! Below are other vacuums that are less known than this smiling chap, they all

Does Henry Hoover have allergen retention?

For those who slide into a sneezing frenzy anytime you start agitating the dust in your home, one notable feature of the Henry Hoover that comes in handy is its allergen retention. This feature is especially perfect for those that have allergies or sensitivity to dust and mites.

Is a Henry Hoover vacuum a chore?

Vacuuming isn’t a chore that brings a smile to most people’s faces, but the original little red Henry Hoover vacuum and other Numatic Henry Vacuum Cleaners with smiling faces have been helping with the herculean task and keeping floors clean since 1980. Due to technology advancements, and to stay true to its calling of giving you dirt free floors …

What kind of batteries do Hoover vacuums use?

Look at the battery type when choosing a cordless model. Most new Hoover cordless vacuums feature lithium-ion batteries, which last longer on one charge than other batteries. Avoid older model vacuums with lower-quality batteries.

What do hoover vacuums do?

Most Hoover vacuums come with a range of tools for tasks like vacuuming corners or cleaning upholstery.

What is a canister hoover vacuum?

Canister Hoover vacuums have their motors and bags or dirt cups in the main body of the vacuum, with the head attached to it via a long, flexible tube.

How to clean a Hoover vacuum bag?

We’d recommend doing this every time you vacuum. If you have a bagged Hoover vacuum, you’ll need to open the body of the appliance, throw away the bag, and replace it with a fresh bag before you close the vacuum back up.

What are the pros and cons of a handheld vacuum?

Pros: Handheld vacuums are extremely compact and lightweight. Since they’re cordless, you can use them anywhere.

How important is it to consider the size of a Hoover vacuum?

It’s important to consider the size of your chosen Hoover vacuum to ensure that it will be easy for you to move from one place to another and carry up and down the stairs. You also want to make sure that it isn’t too large to fit into the space where you want to store it.

What is react series?

Essentially, the React series represents the next step in vacuum technology.

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