where was the stock market when trump became president

What is the GDP of the US in 2022?

Some are predicting GDP growth to reach near 10% in the April to June quarter. However, GDP forecast for 2022 it is 3.52%.

Is the earnings stock a buzz phrase?

Earnings stocks are the new buzz phrase as some suggest the growth is over and that whoever can pass on higher inflationary costs to consumers will win going forward. The Dow Jones, S&P and NASDAQ did reach new records last week, but this correction will have an impact going forward.

Is the 5 year stock market good?

The 5 year stock market forecast (and 5 year housing market forecast ) look really good too because the American consumer is well employed and will see plenty of jobs as business is rebuilt from the ground up. Intent to buy homes is strong and construction rates will grow fast through the spring. If the economy stutters, the Biden admin will not be reluctant to give stimulus. Small business will need a transfusion, and it will get one.

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