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Which is the best wholesale market in Guangzhou?

Top 7 Guangzhou Wholesale Markets Baima Clothing Wholesale Market Shahe Clothes Wholesale Market Shisanhang Clothes Wholesale Market Guangda Vast Foreign Trade Shoes Plaza Liwan Toys Wholesale Market Sanyuanli Leather Product Wholesale Market Beauty Exchange Center

What are the flea&street markets in Guangzhou?

Flea Street Markets in Guangzhou 1 Huangsha aquatic product trading Market 2 Baima Garment Market 3 Haizhu Wholesale Market 4 Jiangnan Avenue North wedding Street 5 Comic City 6 Largest cloth Market 7 Shijiuyong Seafood Market 8 First Avenue clothing wholesale Market 9 Shahe wholesale Market 10 Lingnan flower Market More items…

Why go shopping in China Guangzhou?

Guangzhou is a large manufactory for many products, which contributes a lot to the rapid development of wholesale markets. This attracts worldwide businessmen to go shopping in China Guangzhou. The biannual Canton Fair further adds to the commercial atmosphere.

Where to buy clothes in Guangzhou?

Liu Huais near Guangzhou Station and adjacent to the Provincial Bus Station. It is actually a giant market cluster with 13 clothing wholesale centers including Baima, Bubugao, Tianma clothing market, Xindadi, and Fuli at 194 Huanshi Xi Road (环市西路194号).

How far is Guangzhou from Shenzhen?

Guangzhou is only 106 kilometers (65 miles) from Shenzhen. Click to enlarge the map. All the above major markets are concentrated around the Guangzhou Railway Station at the center of Guangzhou. You can go there on the bullet train from Luohu in Shenzhen or the Guangzhou Subway Line 2.

How many shops are there in Tianma?

Tianma is 1,000 shops in a ten-story building and is famous for domestic brands especially, but it also has leisure wear, international brands, business suits, and furs (168 Huanshixi Road, Yuexiu District).

Where is Baima Market?

It’s opposite Guangzhou Railway Station at 16 Zhannan Road (站南路16号白马服装批发市场).

How many meters is Shangxiajiu?

Shangxiajiu: Hundreds of shops including many department stores are along this 1,218-meter street. The whole area has 10 adjacent shopping streets. The main goods are clothing, cloth, and tourist items. It is known for its Cantonese restaurants and street snacks and is rated #4 on TripAdvisor. Take Line 1, get off at Changshou Road (长寿路), take Exit A, and walk about 500 meters along Baohua Road (宝华路).

What are the goods that are characteristic of Guangzhou?

Besides the duty-free shops, there are various shops selling goods that are characteristic of Guangzhou, such as local porcelain, embroidery, inkstones, and other folk handicrafts. Some shops offer Guangzhou cultural experiences for travelers’ layover periods.

What is the best place to visit in Guangzhou?

Luxury Malls / Tall Towers. Guangzhou International Finance Center. The best sightseeing in Guangzhou is at the Zhujiang New Town area , which also features ritzy shopping. The Guangdong Museum, very high buildings with observatories, and ritzy malls make the area a tourist highlight.

Where is the cheapest wholesale clothing market in Guangzhou?

Shahe Wholesale Market is one of the cheapest or the cheapest wholesale clothes market areas in Guangzhou. It is perhaps bigger than the one around the Guangzhou Train Station. It is just to the east of Guangzhou East Train Station in Shahe in Tianhe District (Shahe Street, Tianhe District.

What is Shangxiajiu shopping street?

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street is for a good reason one of the main Guangzhou shopping areas. Being the first pedestrian mall to be approved in Guangzhou by the ministry of commerce in China, this shopping street receives a daily traffic of more than 600000 persons. The street is a showcase of the traditional Cantonese architecture, the lingnan architectural culture, the lingnan dietary culture, and also the lingnan folk customs. Besides, the street features a variety of restaurants and street vendors where you can find delicious Dim Sum and local snacks.

How big is the Antique Xiguan Street?

Antique Xiguan Street covers an area of approximately 8553 square meters consisting of mostly people peddling their items from their windows or the back of their trucks. Apart from antiques and paintings, there are also several shops that sell everything from Tibetan rugs to ceramic teapots.

What is the most popular shopping street in Guangzhou?

Beijing Road is definitely the most popular shopping street in Guangzhou. Apart from being lined with many chain stores, the street also has a good number of restaurants that are designed for tourists. Since it is a major tourist site, the main offerings here are tourist souvenirs. Some of the items that you will find on sale in the stores include clothing, shoes, bags, leather products, jewelry, books, and food.

Where is Taikoo located?

Located in the heart of Tianhe District, Taikoo is one of the most prosperous and luxury business area in Guanghzhou. It is situated in the same complex where the top luxury hotel in Guangzhou, Mandarin Oriental, is also located. With over 138,000 square meters of flooring, this luxury mall houses more than 180 brands including sophisticated lifestyle boutiques, restaurants with exquisite cuisines, and several internationally acclaimed brands that have set up their flagship stores here in TaiKoo.

Which area of Guangzhou has the best shopping?

If you are looking for the best Guangzhou shopping experience, the Zhujiang area has the best shopping views in Guangzhou. With several luxury shopping malls located in some of the tallest buildings and towers in the world, this is a very popular luxury shopping area among many tourists and travellers. Some of the biggest malls here are the CTF Finance Center Tower mall (the world’s seventh tallest tower) and the Mall of the World.

Where is the most famous wholesale market in Guangzhou?

Baima Market is the most famous clothing wholesale market in the whole of Guangzhou. Being the most popular single market in the city, Baima market gets the highest turnover for high end clothes and fashion. Currently, over 2,000 suppliers are engaging in wholesaling and retailing businesses under the roof. When you visit here, you can be sure to find all kinds of fairly low priced clothing whether it is for men, women, or children.

What is Shangxiajiu known for?

The main goods are clothing, including Japanese and Korean clothing, and tourist items. It is known for its Cantonese restaurants and street snacks.

Where is the largest middle price mall in Guangzhou?

Tianhe Teemall’s (天河城) huge size, one of the biggest in the province, and its central location in Tianhe (near Taikoo Mall) with two metro stations for ease of access makes it popular among foreigners.

Which area is the best for sightseeing in Guangzhou?

Best for: enjoyable luxury shopping while sightseeing; evening outings, restaurants and coffee shops. The Zhujiang area (珠江新城) has the best sightseeing in Guangzhou and several luxury shopping malls are amid the richest area of Guangzhou with several of the world’s tallest towers and buildings.

What is the color of the Canton Tower?

Evening lights: In the evening, the buildings light up, and the Canton Tower is spectacular in rainbow colors. The interesting design of the Guangzhou Bridge near it adds to the scenery. Even the plaza itself is lit. As you walk across it, the panels on the ground change colors.

Where is the new Beijing Road Station?

It is easy to get to by taking the metro. The new Beijing Road Station puts tourists right there. Location: Yuexiu District, 6 kilometers west of Zhujiang New City .

How many floors does China Plaza have?

What you can buy: China Plaza has 9 floors, including a basement floor:

Where is Yuexiu District?

Location: Yuexiu District, 6 kilometers west of Zhujiang New City. Transport: Take Line 6 to Beijing Road (北京路). Or take Line 1 or Line 2 to Gongyuanqian, take exit C, and walk straight for 2 short blocks. 2.

How many wholesale markets are there in Guangzhou?

There are more than 1,000 wholesale markets in Guangzhou, which cover over 40 types of commodities, such as clothing, shoes, toys, bags, leather, daily supplies, and electronics. Below is a list of top 7 wholesale markets in Guangzhou:

Where is Liuhua Clothes Market?

You care suggested to Liuhua Clothes Market, which is located at No.194, Zhannan Road.

Where is Shisanhang clothing?

Chinese name:十三行服装批发市场. As a bustling wholesale market in Guangzhou, Shisanhang Clothes Wholesale Market mainly sells mid and low-grade clothes, including leather clothing, knitting, sweaters, suits, shirts, jeans, and so on. Low price must be the most tempting reason to attract worldwide sellers, who are mainly from Russia and Southeast Asia.

What floors are women’s clothes on?

As for clothing wholesale, the first, fourth and fifth floors provide women’s clothing with fashionable style and good quality, so the price is higher. In the second and third floors, the clothes are not as delicate as other floors; as a result, the price gets a little lower. 1.

Where is Baima clothing wholesale?

Baima Clothing Wholesale Market. At present, it is the largest high-grade clothing wholesale market in Guangzhou, with the best decoration, and the most standardized management. As for clothing wholesale, the first, fourth and fifth floors provide women’s clothing with fashionable style and good quality, so the price is higher.

Where is Liwan Toys located?

Liwan Toys Wholesale Market is one of the largest toy wholesale markets in Guangdong Province. The market mainly sells electric toys, voice control toys, remote control toys and stuffed toys. Despite wholesale, businesses also cater to retail individuals.

What is the largest shopping district in Guangzhou?

Among all the shopping districts in Guangzhou, Tianhe CBD is the largest centralized area of high-end shopping malls, such as K11, Tianhui Square, Tianhe City, Gaode Zhidi Square…. These shopping malls provide tourists with upscale service and exquisite high-end clothes from top domestic and foreign brands.

Where is the Jadeware Fair located?

Located on Xia Jiu Lu, Hualin Jadeware Street is a place mainly retail and whole sell jade and jewelry items. It is said the history of this street can be traced back to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). From that time, Hualin Jadeware Street has already been the famed Jadeware Fair. At present, hundreds of jadeware stores are found here.

What is wholesale market?

Wholesale markets are favored by customers who want to buy clothes in bulk at lower prices. Generally speaking, the more clothing one buy, the bigger discount one will get. Around Guangzhou Railway Station, gather many clothes wholesale markets, like Tianma Wholesale Markets and Zhanxi Wholesale Markets. Moreover, Baima Clothing Wholesale Markets and Shahe Clothes Wholesale Markets are quite large and bustling markets.

What is the clothing industry in Guangzhou?

Clothing. The clothing industry in Guangzhou is developing quite rapidly and prosperously. The clothing market is always up to date, providing customers with the most fashionable clothes. Moreover, diversified clothes of different price levels are also provided to meet customers’ needs.

What kind of tea is in Nangfang?

Nangfang Tea Market must be a wonderful place for you to choose any kinds of tea, including black tea, green tea, bitter tea, Pu’er tea, Tie Guan Yin, flower tea and so on.

Where is Nantai Market in Haizhu?

It is suggested to go to Nantai Market, which is located at No.168, Nantai Road, Haizhu District.

Where is Guangzhou located?

Local Specialties. Located in the fertile Pearl River Delta and with a history of about 2,800 years, Guangzhou is rich in local products. Also, due to its location along China’s south coastal line, many products gather here. All these contribute to the unique, colorful and various local specialties.

What is the wholesale market in China?

1. Clothing Wholesale Market. Guangzhou Clothing wholesale market is No.1 in China, and lots of the other Clothing wholesale market are just reselling goods from the Guangzhou market.

Where is the wholesale market in Guangzhou?

The center of Guangzhou Electronics wholesale market is near Nanfang Building (南方大厦). There are four markets in this area, and each of them is with different expertise.

What is the watch industry in Guangzhou?

During years of development, the watch industry in Guangzhou has achieved the most complete and efficient supply chain in the world, which enables the watch suppliers in Gu angzhou to do OEM watch specifically for you from low to high-end easily.

How long does it take to fix a PRA bag?

But if the logo needs time to fix onto the bag, it may require 1-2 days to finish. PRA*A handbags, for example, you can only see the replica bags without logo in the market. If the logo is not difficult to put on the bag, then you can get your goods the same day.

What does a professional agent do?

An professional agent will help you find factories, get best quotes, support you all the way until products arriving your doorstep.

Where is Onelink toy market?

Onelink is the toy wholesale market in Guangzhou, but most of the shops are doing both retailing and wholesale business nowadays. The benefit is you can find the latest toys here if you like to buy some gifts for your Children or family.

Can you buy second hand electronics?

In this market, you can easily find second-hand Electronic items in high-quality outlook, below is a rough list of what you can buy for the used product in this market at an incredibly cheap price:

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