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What is a Likert scale question?

Ordinal scale questions like Likert scale questions are extremely common in market research. They typically come in the form of a 5-, or 7-point scale, which means they include 5 or 7 answer options. The key with these types of questions is balancing the number of positive, neutral, and negative answer options—there should be equal parts positive and negative.

How to ensure your recommendations are implemented?

One of the best ways to ensure your recommendations are implemented is to hold your team and stakeholders accountable with follow-up. Make a plan to regroup with the team as needed to check in on action items. Ask yourself and your stakeholders these questions:

How to make a roadshow?

1. Go on a research roadshow. The research roadshow is pretty much what it sounds like: a series of meetings to present your findings and recommendations to the right stakeholders to motivate them to take action. The order in which you do things here can make a big difference in how your roadshow turns out: .

What is an Idi interview?

In-depth Interviews ( IDIs) are typically conducted one-on-one and go deep into a particular topic. Qualitative interviews can be in-person, over the phone, or online. Interviews are great for exploring perspectives and feelings on a topic in participants’ own words.

What is a survey used for?

Surveys, especially market research surveys, can be used to collect feedback, perceptions, and opinions from a sample of your target market. Survey data is most often quantitative (e.g.: 90% of people wouldn’t feel safe as a passenger in a self-driving car), but can also be qualitative if open-ended questions are used.

What should I document in a research brief?

Once you’ve worked through everything above, you should document everything in a research brief. Research briefs are a great way to keep everything in one place. A well-written research brief will be able to tell anyone who’s interested exactly what you will be studying (and what you won’t be) to make sure everyone is on the same page. And if anyone wants to suggest something that’s not part of your experiment, your research brief will help you show why you need to stick to the plan.

What is the next step in a project?

When your objectives are clear, the next step is to outline your project scope. This includes your project budget, who you’ll be surveying and how, and the estimated project timeline.

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