where is the portland saturday market located

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Portland’s historic Old Town
Welcome to Portland Saturday MarketPortland Saturday MarketThe Portland Saturday Market is an outdoor arts and crafts market in Portland, Oregon. It is the largest continuously operated outdoor market in the United States. It is held every Saturday and Sunday from the beginning of March through December 24, in Tom McCall Waterfront Park un…en.wikipedia.org. Operating since 1974,this is the largest continually operating outdoor arts and crafts market in the nation. Located inPortland’s historic Old Town,the Market is the most popular shopping destination for local handcrafted goods.

How to get to the Portland Saturday Market?

Turn right on NW Naito Pkwy and again NW Davis Street. **The Portland Saturday Market is open Saturdays only March 5th – December 24th!**

What are the best open-air markets in Portland?

The Portland Saturday Market (10am-5pm on Saturdays and 11am-4:30pm on Sundays, March through December) at the Skidmore Fountain stop on both the Red and Blue MAX light rail lines is regarded as “the largest continuously operating open-air arts and crafts market in the country.”

What is the Portland Art Market?

Located in Portland’s historic Old Town, the Market is the most popular shopping destination for local handcrafted goods. We offer a unique opportunity for people to meet local NW artists and craftspeople who create the art they’re selling.

How do I get my parking validated at the Portland Saturday Market?

If you park in the SmartPark garage and buy at least $25 from the market, you can get your parking validated for up to two hours. The Portland Saturday Market was started by two artists, Sheri Teasdale and Andrea Scharf. The two women had been vendors at the Saturday Market in Eugene and decided Portland needed something similar.

What to buy on Saturday before Christmas?

On any given Saturday from the beginning of March to the day before Christmas, shoppers can tap their heels to bluegrass pickers and jazz musicians and sample ethnic eats like falafel or kielbasa while browsing wares handcrafted by more than 250 vendors. Top finds include Closed Loop Woodworks ‘ Oregon-shaped cutting boards made from reclaimed wood, silverware art by Spoonman Creations, twee illustrations from A Little Sun and delicate metal-and-gemstone jewelry hand crafted with guitar string from Bluce Designs as well as locally themed apparel, ceramics, home décor and photography.

How many vendors are there at Portland Saturday Market?

The Portland Saturday Market has resumed for its 48th season on Saturdays only, with 150 vendors and increased distance between each booth. You can also find many of the market’s artists and goods at Portland Saturday Market’s online store.

What is the largest arts and crafts fair in the United States?

Combining the vibes of an arts show, a live street concert and an open-air bazaar, Portland Saturday Market has been a beloved Rose City tradition since 1974. In fact, the market is considered the largest continually operating arts-and-crafts fair in the United States, drawing up to 750,000 visitors during its annual season.

How to get to Saturday Market in Skidmore?

Saturday Market is also easily accessible by public transit. Ride MAX Light Rail to the Skidmore Fountain station, or take a TriMet bus.

Where is SmartPark Garage in Naito Parkway?

Spots fill quickly, so arrive early if you want to avoid walking several blocks. There is also a SmartPark garage just a few blocks from Saturday Market at NW Davis and Naito Parkway. At this garage, you can receive 2 hours free parking by spending $25 or more with a Saturday Market vendor.

Is Saturday Market metered?

There is metered street parking on the blocks surrounding Saturday Market. Spots fill quickly, so arrive early if you want to avoid walking several blocks.

What to eat while walking around?

For a snack while you walk around, try an empanada from PDX Empanadas or a gyro from Angelina’s Greek Cuizina.

What is the Saturday market in Portland?

Portland Saturday Market. Visitors come to Portland for many reasons, but just about all of those reasons come together in the Portland Saturday Market. Within the confines of one weekly event, you have tasty food to munch on, live entertainment, arts and crafts, a touch of quirk, and a view of some of Portland’s many bridges.

What do vendors sell?

But vendors don’t just sell arts and crafts and household items…the y also sell packaged foods (as well as ready-to-eat foods, but we’ll get to those in a second). Look for bakery items, candy, coffee, tea and more to take home and enjoy later.

What is the main stage of the market?

Live music and entertainment are also regular fixtures on both Saturdays and Sundays. The market’s Main Stage features musicians who play original music, usually acoustic, during most of the open hours. Enjoy the tunes floating through the air or kick back near the stage with a snack from one of the food vendors.

When did the Portland Saturday market open?

Originally, the Portland Saturday Market was indeed a Saturday market, but in 1976 it started staying open on Sundays too. It kept the name just because Portland likes to be quirky like that. The market has had more than one location over the years. In 1976, it opened under the Burnside Bridge and stayed there for 34 years before construction in that area moved the market to its present location in Waterfront Park. It’s been at Waterfront Park since May 2009. Today, the market has more than 350 members, brings in a whopping total of $8 million in gross sales each year, and attracts one million locals and visitors ever year too!

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