where is the foreign exchange market located

What is the FHA loan?

Federal Housing Administration (FHA) programs, administered through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, offer conventional loans with only 3% down, if you’re a first time home buyer. If you qualify for these loans, you may be able to close on that home without even dipping into your investment portfolio.

Is real estate better than stocks?

The only investment better than stocks is real estate, which is why many people who own stock end up selling it off to finance a real estate purchase. It can be scary to sell part of your stock portfolio to buy a home, but unless you’re selling Apple stock in the mid-80s or Google stock in the mid-00s, it’s overwhelmingly likely …

Is it safe to liquidate stocks?

Liquidating some of your stock portfolio to purchase real estate can seem like a safe move, and it often is. But there are tax consequences and quirks of timing that you should familiarize yourself with before you call your broker.

Is selling stocks a capital gain?

Selling stocks could expose you to capital gains tax liability, but there are ways to finesse the situation. Basically, there are two categories of capital gains: long-term and short-term. If you sell stocks you’ve held for over a year, they’ll be taxed as long-term capital gains. Long-term capital gains are taxed at a much lower tax rate than …

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