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How long will the bull market last?

If the current bull market will end in roughly 7 – 12 months, it’s essential to have a risk-managed investing plan for when the pullback begins. One day the bullish news will end, and traders and investors will sell. Thanks to Michael Saylor and Elon Musk, there are massive floors to prevent an 80% drawdown that has happened in previous bear …

How old is Bitcoin?

The United States is exploring creating a digital dollar while China already has one. Bitcoin is 12 – years old, which is a lifetime in the tech industry. Any central bank digital currency will undoubtedly pale in comparison and will take a lot of time to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

How much Bitcoin did Tesla buy?

Tesla bought in around $42,000 Bitcoin, which arguably could create a massive floor whenever the next bear market begins.

How old was Ethereum in 2017?

While the ICO boom was birthed out of the Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum was more talk than action and was only 2 – years old in 2017. Crypto influencers mentioned institutional investors were coming, but we didn’t see a lot of that either.

How long does it take to halve Bitcoin?

How much time do we have left on the current bull-cycle? Every Bitcoin halving cycle requires 210,000 blocks to be mined and takes roughly 4 years to complete. Historically, each halving cycle’s first 70,000 blocks represent the bull run’s strongest period, accounting for a logarithmic move higher.

What was the killer application of blockchain technology at the time?

ICOs were arguably the killer application of blockchain technology at the time, but nothing fully functioned yet. In other words, there were a lot of promises but not much follow-through.

Why is there two prime?

Two Prime exists because we understand Bitcoin volatility and use it to protect our client’s wealth by hedging risk.

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