where is high point furniture market

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107 W High Ave, High Point, NC 27260

What is High Point furniture NC?

Welcome to the High Point Furniture NC online superstore, the fastest, most convenient way to purchase the best furniture products at the best prices, based in High Point, NC. We offer new, name brand furniture you know and trust that is of the highest quality and worthy of becoming part of your family heirlooms.

When is the High Point furniture market 2022?

High Point Market Authority – High Point Furniture Market Meet me at Fall 2022 Market | October 22-26, 2022 Skip to navigationSkip to main contentSkip to footer October 22-26, 2022 October 22-26, 2022 Register Plan Your Trip Back Plan Your Trip

Where is High Point Market Authority located?

High Point Market Authority About Us High Point Market Authority164 South Main Street, Suite 700High Point, NC 27260336.869.1000 Copyright 2022 Privacy Policy

What is the economic impact of High Point market?

Every year, High Point Market brings billions of dollars to the state of North Carolina. It creates jobs, generates hundreds of millions in tax revenue and attracts worldwide attention. In fact, Market makes the biggest economic impact of any event in the state.


No matter what you need; renting out your home for market, or looking for a place to stay during it. Our team is here to help!


When Elizabeth isn’t busy trying to make your Market stay perfect, she’s busy in the real estate world.


Market is such a fun and exciting time. Find out more about the bi-yearly event in High Point, NC!

Why do people visit High Point Market?

Twice a year buyers from around the world come to High Point Market to see fabulously designed showrooms and exhibits overflowing with beautiful new products. Buyers descend on High Point knowing they will see the most innovative new products, discover unique merchandising concepts, see the trends as they happen, and experience the vision and excitement of this incredible industry.

How many square feet is High Point Market?

High Point Market features an amazing 12.2 million square feet of showroom and exhibit space and 2,000 manufacturers in multiple buildings in downtown High Point, making it by far the world’s largest home furnishings market; and the one Market you just can not afford to miss.

When was High Point Market Authority formed?

Because the showroom buildings in High Point are owned by multiple owners, the High Point Market Authority was formed in 2001 to streamline and consolidate transportation, accommodations, marketing and registration for the bi-annual Markets.

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