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Guide to Toyosu Fish Market

The new market is clustered around Shijo-mae station – located in Tokyo’s Koto ward area just north of Odaiba – and is spread across three main buildings. These are connected via elevated, covered walkways for visitors to easily navigate around the market – in any weather condition.

Tuna Auctions at Toyosu Fish Market

The auction viewing experience at Toyosu has obviously changed significantly to that which Tsukiji became famous for, where tourists and photographers often found themselves in close proximity to tuna fish, brushing elbows with market vendors, and obstructing the turret forklift trucks whizzing to and fro.

Useful Information for Toyosu Market

It is free to enter Toyosu Market. Auctions typically commence around 4:30–5:30am, with live market activity typically wrapping up by 8am. But the facilities here still provide much to see and do outside those hours – including the tour route, and the many shops and restaurants available on site.

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