where did sprouts farmers market start

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San Diego

Is sprouts publicly traded?

In 2013, Sprouts became a publicly traded company on NASDAQ. Sprouts Farmers Market locations operate with a focus on the environment, product quality and supply chain transparency, team members,…

Who is sprouts owned by?

Who owns Sprouts grocery chain? The Boney family has since opened grocery store chains including Boney’s, Bradshaw’s, Superama, Windmill Farms, Henry’s, Sprouts, and Speedee Mart. Sprouts Farmers Market had been a particular success, and as of February 2020, the grocery chain reports having opened 340 stores in 22 states (via Sprouts).

Where is Sprouts Farmers Market located?

Sprouts Farmers Market sits at 2500 South Carrier Parkway, in the south area of Grand Prairie ( a few minutes walk from Freetown Road Church of Christ ). The store is handy for the people of Duncanville, Euless, Dallas, Irving, Fort Worth, Cedar Hill and Arlington. Today (Monday), operating times start at 7:00 am and continue until 10:00 pm.

Who owns Sprouts stores?

Sprouts Farmers Market was founded in 2002 in Chandler, Arizona, by members of the Boney family. In 2011, Henry’s, Sun Harvest and Sprouts came together again under Apollo Global Management and all were rebranded as Sprouts stores. In 2012, Sunflower was acquired and was also rebranded Sprouts.

When is your next One Day Gift Card Sale?

Our gift card promotion is a one-day sale offering our in-store shoppers a $100 gift card for the price of $89.99. We do not share the sale date far in advance.

What is Sushi Wednesday?

Sushi Wednesday is a promotion we offer in most markets, where customers can purchase select Oumi Sushi Rolls for $5. Find out what services are offered at your neighborhood Sprouts.

How can I get the best deals at Sprouts?

There are many ways to save! Learn how you can save even more on our already low prices.

Where is the list of stores coming soon? How can I learn when a new store is opening?

We’re continuing to spread our roots from coast to coast ! Check out our press releases and stores page to stay up-to-date with where we’re headed next.

Is Sprouts really a farmers market? Do you carry more than produce?

Sprouts Farmers Market is an indoor, healthy grocery store inspired by farmers markets and our heritage which traces back to a single fruit stand in San Diego. Learn more about our history and stores here.

Can I use reusable grocery bags to carry items while I shop?

Although we encourage our customers to use reusable bags, we ask that you wait to use them until checkout. You may use our shopping carts or baskets to carry items while shopping in store.

What is your policy for rainchecks?

Our raincheck policy is in place to guarantee that our customers are able to purchase our Weekly Ad items at the sale price at any of our locations. To learn more about our raincheck policy, visit our Sprouts Policies Page.

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