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When is the Bruges Christmas market 2022?

Get into the festive spirit and visit the Bruges Christmas market 2022 which runs from 25 November 2022 to 8 January 2023. A Christmas break in Bruges is closer than you think, at only 3 hours 30 minutes from London, with a quick change in Brussels, and you’ll find yourself at the next best thing to Santa’s grotto.

Where to go Christmas shopping in Bruges at Christmas?

As you walk around the city you’ll see the incredible light installations that are a feature of Bruges at Christmas and is one of the highlights of Winter Glow. Bruges Christmas Market dates: 26th November to 9th January 2022. Location: Bruges Market Square and in smaller squares and streets around the city centre.

What is the Markt in Bruges?

The Markt is Bruges’ central square, framed by the grand Belfry of Bruges, the Provincial Palace and the iconic guild houses with stepped gables. It’s the gorgeous medieval decor for Bruges’ main Christmas market featuring dozens of food and Christmas decoration chalet-like stalls.

What to do in Bruges in winter?

Bruges Christmas market celebrations are known as ‘ Winter Glow ’, which focuses on things to do in Bruges in winter and not just on the market alone. It includes the Bruges Christmas market, ice skating, the light experience trail and light decorations throughout the city.

Bruges Christmas Market 2021

In Bruges, the winter festival is known as Winter Glow and Christmas markets in Bruges are part of this festival experience.

Hotels near Bruges Christmas Market

Bruges is a very popular tourist city and it can be difficult to find a good hotel at the best of times but it’s especially difficult over the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

Winter Glow Bruges 2021

Bruges Winter Glow 2021 will include light installations and decorations across the city. The ice skating rink and the cosy winter bar will become a winter hotspot and the Christmas market in Bruges will be given a completely new look after last year’s limited celebrations.

Official Bruges Christmas Market & Winter Glow Website

For the most up-to-date information and announcements, be sure to visit the official Visit Bruges website here.

Bruges Christmas Market 2022 Hotels

Looking for a place to stay nearby while you visit Christmas markets in Bruges? Here are some recommendations:

Bruges Christmas Market Locations

Bruges is a compact city so it’s easy to visit all its Christmas market locations in a day. Here are some highlights:


Since 2019, another highlight of the Bruges Christmas Market programme has been a skating rink and winter bar at Minnewater (the Lake of Love).

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What is the best place to visit at Christmas in Belgium?

The buttery vanilla scent of waffles, the warmth of velvety hot chocolate, Christmas trees lit up against the night sky—the Bruges Christmas market brings together the best of the holiday season. When you add the city’s striking buildings with their towers and ornate facades gleaming in festive finery, Bruges, Belgium, is one of the most romantic places to visit at Christmas.

What is a speculoos cookie?

Speculoos —A spiced shortcrust cookie, speculoos is most traditional around Christmas time, so you’ll find it in the Christmas markets and nearby stores, sometimes in the shape of Saint Nicholas. The crispy brown cookie is flavored with nutmeg, cloves, and other seasonal spices.

How long is the beer tour at Brugse Zot?

If you’re a true beer aficionado and have the time, consider booking one of their 45-minute or 90-minute tours. You’ll have a chance to see how they’ve brewed here for over 150 years and to sample some of their beers, including the famous Brugse Zot.

How long is the train ride from Brussels to Brussels?

Trains between Bruges and Ghent cost about €10-20 each way, and the journey takes 22-40 minutes , depending on the specific train.

What is shrimp croquette?

Shrimp croquettes are made with brown shrimp, a type that is much smaller than what you would commonly find in the US. Bits of shrimp are mixed into a bechamel sauce, and the outside is coated in breadcrumbs before deep frying. They’re a filling snack to fuel your shopping.

Is Genever a gin?

In its clear form, genever is like gin. You’ll also find it in dozens of other flavors that are fruity, nutty, chocolaty, and more.

Where to see the gold figures in the Basilica of the Holy Blood?

Jan Van Eyck Square. Take a walk around the city and see the spires of the Town Hall and the gold figures on the Basilica of the Holy Blood. Wander a little bit away from the crowds to see the merchant mansions of the Hansa Quarter whose owners helped fuel the city’s wealth centuries ago.

Why is Santa not in Belgium?

The main reason for his absence is that there’s another tradition in Belgium with a legendary figure that’s more popular than Santa. His name is Sinterklaas ( Saint Nicholas) en he’s assisted by the Pieten (Peters). They too bring candy and presents. Oh yes, Belgian kids are pretty spoiled in December (so are the Dutch).

What is a beurre de noel?

The Bûche de Noël is a glazed, chocolate crème au beurre cake that’s been rolled to a cylinder to look like a log of wood. A handful of countries have this as part of their Christmas tradition, all in a local variation. So, make sure to try the Belgian one at one of the Bruges Christmas markets.

What is the Brussels Christmas market called?

The ensemble of enchanting settings that make up the Brussels Christmas market is known as Bruges Winter Glow. The idea is to make visitors of all religions feel welcome during this festive period. Each square has its own, unique attraction and they’re all connected by a twinkling light and experience trail, which starts from the Bruges railway station.

Where does the Light and Experience Trail start?

The trail will start at the ice skating rink at Minnewater and continue via Wijngaardplein, Groeninge, Arentshof, Dijver, Rozenhoedkaai, Vismarkt, Koningin Astridpark, Jürg Conzett brug, Vesten, Gentpoort and Watertoren before einding at Minnewaterpark.

Where to find Christmas stalls in 2021?

From 2021 onwards, you’ll also find Christmas stalls at ‘t Zand, the square in front of the Concertgebouw (the Bruges Concert House). The offer at this location will be geared towards families. We’ll keep you updated on this exciting addition to the existing Christmas market locations.

When is the Christmas singing event in the Basilica of the Holy Blood?

25th December at 11 a.m. at the Basilica of the Holy Blood: Christmas singing event. More info here. 31st December from 10.45 p.m. onwards at ‘t Zand square: Sing-along event with dozens of Christmas songs (classic and pop) in different languages.

When is the Christmas sing along?

31st December from 10.45 p.m. onwards at ‘t Zand square: Sing-along event with dozens of Christmas songs (classic and pop) in different languages. More info here.

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