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What days are the markets open in Bury?

Opening times: Full Markets (including the Open Market) take place on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The Fish and Meat Hall is open Monday to Saturday (apart from Tuesday pm). Bury Market Hall is open 6 days a week.

How many stalls does Bury Market have?

The Market has over 350 stalls open every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Winner of many Awards including NABMA’s Market Attraction of the year in 2009,2012 2015, Bury Market is a great venue for day visitors either on its own or as part of a visit to Bury’s other attractions. Suggest edits to improve what we show.

What is the best day out in Bury?

Bury Market is a very large traditional market in a modern setting. It’s a unique shopping experience and great day out for Individuals and Groups. Open Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, for bargains galore.

What are the opening times for the market?

Opening Times Market Hall: Open every day except Sunday, from 9am to 5pm. Fish Meat Hall: Open every day 9am to 4.30pm, except Tuesday pm and Sunday when closed and Saturday when open until 5pm. Open Market:

Voted Britain’s Favourite Market 2019

"….a shoppers’ mecca, a retail nirvana rich with exotic bargains, a fabled bazaar, a veritable souk of the north." Or so said Stuart Maconie in his 2007 Book ‘Pies and Prejudice’ and we don’t think we could have said it better ourselves!

Prime business opportunities available on Bury Market

Two exciting opportunities await new traders at the Award Winning Bury Market.

Virtual tour of Bury Market

For those who are planning their first visit to the Market and wanting a quick look around or those who can’t wait until the next Market Day to pay us a visit, there is now a virtual tour of Bury Market online.

What is Bury Market famous for?

Despite the name, most of it is actually covered. Bury Market is famous for its black puddings and there are a couple of local firms competing for the action. Chadwick’s Original Bury Black Puddings and The Bury Black Pudding Company have stalls next to each other and are fierce rivals.

How to get to Bury Market?

To reach Bury Market by car leave the M66 motorway and Junction 2 and just follow the A58 (Rochdale Road/Angouleme Way) to Bury. There are plenty of car parks in the area. The closest are the multi-storey car park at the Mill Gate Shopping Centre and the surface level car park opposite the market (over the A58 – there is a subway).

How long has Bury Market been around?

Bury Market has been around since the middle of the 15th century and is widely regarded as the best in the country. Every week more than 250,000 shoppers from North West England and beyond are drawn by its fabulous array of stalls and unique friendly atmosphere.

What time does Bury Market open?

When planning a trip to Bury Market please bear in mind the opening times. They are: Open Market – Opening times are 9 am to 4.30 pm on Wednesdays and Fridays, and 9 am to 5 pm on Saturdays. Market Hall – Opening times are 9 am to 5 pm (4pm Tuesday), Monday to Saturday.

What is Harry Muffin?

Harry Muffin is another famous stall here. It’s the place to come for huge Chorley and Eccles cakes, Manchester Tarts, jam slices, oven bottom muffins, and whinberry (bilberry) pies. They also sell hand-raised meat pies from Haslingden’s Cissy Greens, widely regarded as one of the best bakeries in England.

How many shops are there in the Market Hall?

The Market Hall is home to more than 60 shops selling a wide range of products such as clothes, mobile phones, electrical goods, DVDs, books, health products, jewellery, newspapers and magazines, shoes, and food.

Where is Albert’s Steak?

Albert’s is one of the most popular stalls here. The legendary butchers are known for supplying quality meats from the best farms in Lancashire, Cumbria, and Cheshire. They’re perhaps best known for their Galloway sirloin steak, sourced from Deep Clough Farm in the Forest of Bowland, and aged for a month.

Where is the Bury Market?

Located right in the heart of Bury town centre, Bury Market attracts both locals and those from further afield to come visit. Packed with independent traders, with over 370 stalls selling everything from the latest fashions and footwear, to household goods, home furnishings, toys, electrical goods, gifts, books and more, Bury Market has plenty for everyone.

Where is Burrs Country Park?

Burrs Country Park is a beautiful country park located just a mile outside Bury… . Close Park is a public park located approximately 3 miles from Bury town centre…. Take a stroll or cycle down the Kirklees trail, a former railway line linking….

When is the Bury Market open?

Full Markets (including the Open Market) take place on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The Fish and Meat Hall is open Monday to Saturday (apart from Tuesday pm). Bury Market Hall is open 6 days a week.

Is Bury Castle a moated site?

Bury Castle was a medieval moated site of possibly 14 century origin, later…. Experience the sounds, smell and stunning surroundings of this heritage railway…. Showcasing some of the best of international and local art, Bury Art Museum is…. Housed in the beautifully restored Castlecroft Goods Warehouse, next to the….

Is Bury Market worth visiting?

I would still suggest Bury Market as worth a visit due to the general liveliness and top check out if it is your kind of place – as it may well be, as the crowds are certainly there. But, if Katsouris Delicatessen can do a roaring trade, surely there must be demand in Bury for more classy and world foods?

Is Bury Market a bargain?

Bury Market is only OK. Basically, markets can usefully be classified as either ‘barga in‘ or ’artisan’ and most of what is in Bury market I would say falls firmly under the bargain category. Although there are also some fairly random high-end stalls, such as furniture and bathroom fittings.

Is the black pudding worth it?

Definitely worth a poke around, maybe more for your mum than for you. Don’t forget the black pudding!

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