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Where is Copenhagen’s best Christmas market?

The Julemarked on Hjbro Plads is Copenhagen’s best Christmas market to visit but the Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Market at Nytorv and the Julemarked Kongens Nytorv are fun too. The Christmas market at Nyhavn has the most typical Copenhagen backdrop while the market in Christiana is as unique as this alternative living free town.

How do the Danes celebrate Christmas?

They are the happiest people on earth, so it should come as no surprise that the Danes know how to “do” Christmas. Christmas is such a magical time in Europe and there is no better to experience the magic than at The Tivoli Christmas Market in Copenhagen. Visiting Tivoli Gardens is one of the best things to do in Copenhagen.

Is Christmas the best time to visit Copenhagen?

The days are short and the nights are cold, but Copenhagen at Christmas time is as belly-warming as a cup of delicious Glgg (Danish mulled wine — more on that later). In fact, it’s arguably one of the best times of year to visit the Danish capital.

How to get into the Christmas spirit in Copenhagen?

The best way to get into the festive spirit is to visit a Christmas market—the vendors seem to be aware of the deepest desires of your Christmas heart Something wrong? During the Christmas season, Copenhagen is infatuated with the festive spirit, which is mostly perceptible at its numerous Christmas markets.

What is the most photogenic city in Copenhagen?

Nyhavn is Copenhagen’s scenic harbour, and besides being one of the most photogenic places in the city, it also becomes a haven of hygge at Christmas time, with various outdoor stalls available throughout the festive season.

Where to go for Christmas in Copenhagen?

Christmas in Copenhagen is a wonderful time to enjoy the city, with plenty to offer visitors from the magical atmosphere at Tivoli Gardens, to delightful Christmas markets in Nyhavn and The King’s New Square.

When is the King’s New Square Christmas market?

The King’s New Square Christmas Market (Julemarked Kongens Nytorv) Christmas market is set to take place from Nov 12 to Dec 22, 2021, according to its official website.

What is the Christmas market in Tivoli Gardens?

To begin with, the Christmas market in Tivoli Gardens is a great place to enjoy this historic amusement park with its few dozens of fun rides. Beautiful decorations all over the Gardens, Christmas stalls selling all sorts of festive souvenirs and foods, the Tivoli Youth Guard’s illuminated parades, and Christmas music in Tivoli’s Halls will take you to the Christmas fairytale.

How to get into the festive spirit?

The best way to get into the festive spirit is to visit a Christmas market —the vendors seem to be aware of the deepest desires of your Christmas heart

Where are Christmas markets in Copenhagen?

Other Christmas Markets in Copenhagen. The market in Freetown Christiania is famous for its Oriental-like atmosphere. Some other markets worth your attention are located by the Nyhavn harbour, Kongens Nytorv, and also at the Renaissance castle Kronborg.

Is the Hans Christian Andersen Christmas market cancelled?

Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Market at Nytorv (canceled in 2020) There is a somewhat peculiar Christmas market named after world-famous and beloved children’s storyteller—Hans Christian Andersen Christmas market at Nytorv. Every stall is named for one of his fairy tales and, naturally, has its own theme.

What is the Christmas market in Denmark?

If there’s one thing that can generate yuletide spirit amidst Denmark’s cold , wind-swept mid-December conditions, it’s a Christmas market. Pairing abundant gift options with the pungent aromas of cinnamon-infused mulled wine, visitors have the prospect of sourcing stocking-fillers while imbibing a glass (or three) of hot liquor along the way.

What is the Scandi app?

Coming to any of the Scandinavian capitals? Our Scandi travel app is for you! With the best food, drink, museums, shops, parks, and so much more, you’ll find your travels are much easier with this simple app. You can use the map function to see what’s open near you, or the itinerary function to create your own list of places to go, or favorites to remember once you’ve been there.

Why not forsake Bernstorff Slot?

Why not forsake the city altogether and step out into the luscious grounds of Bernstorff Slot for its annual countryside Christmas fair. Over 90 different exhibitors will take to the grounds of the eighteenth-century palace, with arts, crafts, and edible delicacies available in abundance. As a bonus, the palace itself will be covered in nöel-themed decorations.

When is Nyhavn Christmas market?

Nyhavn Christmas market. Getting an early start, Nyhavn’s Christmas market is a permanent fixture from the start of November to late December. The harbor front provides an iconic setting to select your holiday gifts, with the option to soak up that nöel feeling by ambling along its cobbled walkways. Grab your camera (and a cup of something warm) …

Is Tivoli in Copenhagen?

There’s perhaps no other place in Copenhagen that wholeheartedly commits to the holiday season quite like Tivoli. Each year, their lighting designers adorn the 175-year-old theme park with a new, specially themed yuletide façade. Amid the bulbs’ incandescent glow, visitors can pick up some of their favorite Christmas treats, including caramelized almonds, æbleskiver, and mulled wine. It is truly a sight to see for locals and tourists alike!

What is the drink in Copenhagen?

Check out our list of food and drink to get you in the Christmas spirit when you’re in Copenhagen: Gløgg — Danish mulled wine. Originating in Sweden, Gløgg is a warm drink that has several recipe variations, but usually contains a base of red wine. It also often has spices, raisins and almonds in the mix.

What is the Danish rice pudding?

Risengrød — Danish rice pudding. It’s a bit like a porridge, with a base of rice and milk, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. It’s a traditional dish that is often made and eaten on December 23, with the leftovers used for the foundations of another dish called Risalamande.

How tall is the Christmas tree?

The 24-metre-high tree lit up in all its glory is an incredibly stunning sight in the cold Christmas night. Plus, it’s also usually attended by Santa himself, which is another reason why the event is a favourite for families with children. 2. Join in the festivities at Tivoli Gardens.

What is the Danish dessert called?

This is usually followed by a traditional Danish dessert called Risalamande, which is a rice pudding covered in cherry sauce. This dish usually includes a whole almond hidden inside the pudding and whoever finds it gets a prize.

How many candles are in the Advent wreath?

On a less chocolatey note, families will also traditionally count down to Christmas with the Advent Wreath. Consisting of four candles, they’re lit on the four Sundays before Christmas, starting with just one, and adding one each week until they’re all lit in preparation for Christmas.

What is the highlight of Denmark?

In Denmark, Christmas Eve is their highlight. While Christmas Day is still important, December 24th is when the magic really happens. This is when loved ones will usually get together for an intimate Christmas feast and celebration.

Why is December celebrated in Denmark?

Probably because the Danes are so adept at making every single day special with their many methods of counting down to Christmas.

Christmas activities in Copenhagen

Even though Christmas is at the darkest time of year and makes you want to curl up inside with lit candles and home-baked goodies, Copenhagen offers plenty of possibilities of taking the Danish hygge outside.

Danish Christmas food – An introduction

The Danish Christmas cuisine is part of a long-standing tradition dating back many centuries and is an important part of the Danish cultural heritage, which reflects a strong agricultural past.

Where to try traditional and innovative Christmas food in Copenhagen

In Copenhagen, we care about traditions, but we are also always seeking new ways to refine the old. A couple of places that have been successful in doing just that with the Danish tradition of food and beer are listed here.

Hotels taking Christmas to the next level

Every year, some of the hotels in town make a grand effort celebrating the beginning of the festive season, capturing the joy of Christmas with colourful decorations and twinkling lights. Read more about these hotels that will most certainly get you in the Christmas spirit here.

Christmas presents in the Danish capital of design

Danish design with its functionality and simplicity is world-famous, and Copenhagen is the capital of it. The long tradition of design and craftsmanship is evident everywhere you go. In addition, Denmark has a long tradition of Christmas decorations in various materials, for example, the famously weaved Christmas heart created by Danish writer H.C.

Danish Christmas Traditions

Christmas is all about traditions, and just like any other place, the festive season in Denmark is particularly rich in traditions. Danish Christmas, or Jul, is all about family, friends, food and lots of traditions many Danes cherish highly. Learn more about some of the best known Danish Christmas traditions here.

Copenhagen’s take on Christmas markets

Although it is not a typical Danish tradition, in the past few years Copenhagen has been seeing all kinds of Christmas markets popping up around the city’s neighborhoods in in the weeks running up to Christmas Eve.

What is the most magical theme park in Europe?

Tivoli gardens has been voted the most magical theme park in Europe, and if you ask me, it is the most magical theme park in the world. If you visit Tivoli at different times of the year you are transported into different worlds. Tivoli has three main seasons, Summer, Halloween and Christmas.

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What time does the light show on Tivoli Lake start?

Don’t miss out on the light and sound show on the Tivoli Lake. It is absolutely beautiful. The show starts at 7:30pm but I suggest getting there early as it gets busy. We got to the bridge over the lake at about 7:10pm and found the perfect spot. After the first show, the show happens every half hour, no matter the show you choose, I recommend getting there early.

When is the best time to see the Christmas market?

I suggest going late in the afternoon before the sun has set. This gives you time to see the Christmas market during the day as well as at night. We arrived at 3 pm on the day that Tivoli Gardens Christmas Market opened and this was perfect. It was not too busy and we saw the gardens in the day light as well as the night time. The night time is the best time to see the true beauty of the lights!

When was Tivoli Gardens opened?

Tivoli Gardens in an amusement park in the center of Copenhagen that was opened in 1843. Tivoli Gardens (also known as Tivoli) has always included an oriental architecture theme, a theater, band stand, eateries, flower gardens, a gorgeous lake and of course amusement rides. In 1994, Tivoli Gardens held the first Tivoli Gardens Christmas Market.

Where to eat in Tivoli Gardens?

A great place to eat is the Tivoli Gardens food hall. There is a fantastic range of local and international foods and drinks. The food hall is an awesome place to warm up on a cold winters night. Be warned, the food hall gets very busy so it can take a while to find a seat. The food hall is located outside the park but as you leave the park you will be “stamped out” of the park so you can return without any issues.

Can you eat at Tivoli Gardens Christmas Market?

Of course, you can always eat at the Tivoli Gardens Christmas Market stalls. The range of warm food and drinks are great, I highly recommend the mulled wine, it was some of the best we tasted at the Christmas Markets in Europe.

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