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How do current events affect the stock market?

This series of event played a big role in a drop of its stock markets. Disease Outbreaks. Disease outbreaks are another event that can impact a stock market. For example, the current novel coronavirus outbreak that began in December 2019 and is continuing in February 2020 has triggered widespread trading fears in the Chinese markets.

What time does the stock market open and close?

The US stock market is open Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Many stocks can also be bought and sold in extended-hours trading. Pre-market trading opens at 4:00 a.m. and after-hours trading closes at 8 p.m. Stock trading hours are usually noted in Eastern Time because that’s the time zone of New York, where Wall Street is.

Why do stocks keep going up?

because everyone’s buying them. People need to understand stocks don’t go up on their own. Literally hear this question thousands of times a day. Stocks go up because people like the price and buy them. Stocks go down when people don’t like the price and think they will go lower and sell them.

What has happened to the stock market?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 19.80 points,or 0.1%,to 34,133.03,bouncing close to 370 points from its intraday low of 33,765.68.The SP 500 was off 28 points,or 0.7%,at 4,164.66.The Nasdaq Composite dropped 261.61 points,or 1.9%,to 13,633.50,for its largest one day decline since Wednesday,March 24,2021.

Why is inflation transitory?

The other, put forth by Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman, argues that this inflation is transitory, and primarily caused by supply-chain bottlenecks caused by COVID lockdowns bumping up against pent-up demand for goods as the economy recovers.

Where did Gabe Alpert graduate from?

Gabe received his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he graduated with honors. Learn about our editorial policies. Gabe Alpert. Updated Aug 20, 2021.

Is volatility trending downward?

However, volatility has been trending downward for over a year now, so the opportunities for stock and bond traders to make up for lost interest income is likely to make it harder for bank profits to continue to do as well as they’ve done considering the level of interest rates.

Who is Gabe Alpert?

Gabe Alpert is an Associate Editor at Investopedia specializing in trading and investing. He has worked in financial journalism for nearly five years, including at Barron’s Magazine. Gabe received his bachelors degree in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he graduated with honors.

Retail Trading Activity Tracker

What is Retail Trading Activity Tracker? This dataset tracks the daily buying and selling activity of retail investors at the ticker level.


Powering trading and investment strategies for a full range of exchange-listed equities in the US, Nordics and Canada.

Investing During Volatility

What to do when the markets are volatile? Here are two primers to get you through the market’s roller coaster.

Why did the ECB keep the rate at 0%?

The ECB decided to expectedly keep rates steady at 0% thus sustaining the supportive environment for the EU economy. EUR/USD fell slightly as markets look forward to Euro core inflation and GDP tom…

What are the risks of slowing global growth?

In a slowing global economy, the threat of geopolitical risk s destabilizing global growth are elevated and open the door to violent volatility – and trading opportunities.

Why are oil prices going down?

Oil prices are on the move lower after traders digested a higher-than-expected US inventory build. Moreover, Iran-EU nuclear talks are set to restart, which may eventually see US sanctions removed.

When is COP26?

Against the backdrop of rising energy prices leading to economic fallout for economies in Asia, Europe, and North America, COP26 is set to begin on October 31.

When is the Bank of Japan meeting?

The Bank of Japan is set to hold their monetary meeting across 27 – 28 October 2021, as markets look towards its outlook report for guidance.

Does crude oil hold lofty levels?

Crude Oil Prices Hold Lofty Levels as US Dollar Softens on Rising Inflation and Yields. Where to for WTI?

Is there momentum to hold above the 200 day SMA?

Lack of moment um to hold above the 200-Day SMA ($1792) may spark a near-term decline in the price of gold like the price action seen earlier this year.

What items were purchased on Cyber Monday?

Hot Wheels, Just Dance 2022 and Apple (AAPL) AirPods were the most popular items purchased on Cyber Monday.

How old do you have to be to get a booster shot?

Currently, Americans 18 and older are eligible for booster shots.

Is Square a neutral stock?

Bank of America upgrades Square to neutral from underperform and reiterates Twitter at buy after Jack Dorsey stepped down at TWTR. The stocks are lower.

Who is leaving Facebook?

Facebook’s David Marcus announces his departure, saying ‘my entrepreneurial DNA has been nudging me.’

Who is the CEO of Gettr?

Gettr CEO Jason Miller accuses Jack Dorsey of censoring opinions he doesn’t like and canceling users.

Does the gaming retailer have a balance sheet?

The gaming retailer has a strong balance sheet and the flexibility to change its business model — but exactly what that looks like remains a question.

Is Robinhood a public company?

WISH has a bit of a momentum following, Robinhood has to pay up according to FINRA and SentinelOne is officially a public company. Here are some of the stories that TheStreet’s Katherine Ross is watching.

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