what is the fastest bow on the market

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Xpedition MX-15

What is the best bow for beginners?

IN A HURRY? HERE’S OUR FAVORITE PICKS…10 Best Bow And Arrow Sets For Beginners Reviewed 1. Bear Archery Brave Bow Set Pros Benefits: 2. Dude Perfect Signature Bow Pros Benefits: 3. …Final Thoughts

What is the fastest bow on the market?

What is the fastest bow ever made?PSE Xpedite (2018): 354 FPS.BowTech Realm SR6 (2019): 349.1 FPS.BowTech RPM 360 (2014): 347.45 FPS.PSE Dream Season Decree IC (2015): 347.11 FPS.Bear Perception (2019): 345.5 FPS.Bear Escape (2016): 342.7 FPS.Xpedition Mako X (2019): 343.1.

What is the fastest bow in the world?

The complete kit which consists of a scope,arrows,and broadheads is attractive to seasonal customersAt 460 FPS,the Scorpyd Aculeus is the fastest crossbow available.The bow operates smoothly with its high-end technology.

What is the strongest bow?

“Strongest” is not normally a term we use. The heaviest “draw-weight” bows require well over 100 pounds of force to bring to a full draw. Some modern longbows have been made with draw-weights of over 125 pounds… Only a very few people in world can practically shoot such a weapon. The Guiness record is a 200 pound draw-weight bow:

How long is the Diamond Archery Deploy?

The draw length of the Diamond Archery Deploy can be adjusted from 26 to 30.5 inches, which means that it can even be used by archers with less experience. There are three models of this bow available, according to the draw weight, the 50lbs, 60lbs and the 70lbs model.

What is the cam system on a bow?

These bows are usually equipped with a cam system that stores the energy in the limbs of the bow which allows you to make sudden shots. This is crucial when hunting, so most of the bows on our list feature one, like the Elite Archery Impulse 34.

What is the selling point of a compound bow?

This compound bow also features an advanced Evolve cam system. Overall, the main selling point of this product is how comfortable it is to use. While there are faster and more powerful bows on our list, this compound bow will definitely satisfy the more casual users.

How fast is the Bear Archery Escape?

With a speed of 350 fps, the Bear Archery Escape is definitely capable of achieving some of the highest speeds on the market. It comes extremely close to being a 400 fps compound bow, so if you are wondering what is the fastest compound bow, look no further.

How long is a bow draw?

The draw length of this bow can be adjusted between 25.5 to 30 inches, meaning most archers will be able to set it up to their liking. However, if there is one thing we did not like about this bow, it is the brace height. It is a bit too small, so some people might find the bow uncomfortable to use.

How fast is the PSE bow?

The PSE Archery Bow Madness Unleashed Package is another excellent product that can reach speeds of up to 340 fps. While not the fastest bow on the market, it is still remarkably fast, and has plenty of other options that make it a viable option for everyone.

How much does a compound bow weigh?

If there is one thing we did not like about this product it is the fact that it’s a bit too heavy. Without accessories it weighs in at 4.4lbs.

What is Xpedition bow?

Xpedition is a relative newcomer to the world of premium compounds and it builds bows that are very much representative of today’s bowhunting focus. They’re smooth-drawing, stable and fast without trying too hard to be. In past tests, bows that tried to be the fastest of the pack used aggressive cam systems that were harsh in their draw cycle. If there is any trend worth noting over the course of this list, it’s the relative smoothness of today’s fast bows compared to those of even five years ago.

What was the first PSE model?

It was the first model I can recall that featured a partnership with a TV series (“The Drury Brothers”). It was fast. It also had a fairly aggressive cam system to deliver all that horsepower. It was also one of the first models to feature ultra-short limbs and an extended riser design.

Is the Realm SR6 better than the RPM 360?

If you ever want a real-world lesson in bow advancements, look no further than this and the previous entry (No. 3). Both are BowTech models and lightning fast. But the Realm SR6 features a much more pleasant shooting experience thanks to greatly reduced vibration and an improved draw cycle over the RPM 360.

Is the Helix the fastest Hoyt?

Hoyt is almost always in the running as the year’s top flagship model, but, interestingly enough, the Helix is the only Hoyt model to make our list of the 10 fastest tested. The Helix is plenty fast and also has the attributes that make Hoyt so popular: it’s smooth, stable and built like a tank.

Is the Bear a PSE?

Bear, like PSE, releases multiple new models each year to cover a number of price points. The Perception is a flagship-level model and features a shoot-through riser. Unfortunately, the Perception wasn’t a tester favorite—but it was fast.

What do you plan on using your bow for?

For example, a bow that was built to kill rabbits and turkeys will be ineffective when it comes to ethically killing big game like deer and elk.

How fast is the Realm SR6?

The impressive shooting speed of 352 fps means that the SR6 will shoot straight and fast, allowing for all archers to hit their targets with extreme precision. Balanced with stability and speed in mind, the Realm SR6 is truly unique in its uncompromised ability to combine the benefits of a fast bow with the stability of much heavier and cumbersome bows.

What is the fastest compound bow?

The fastest compound bow is Realm SR6 that was built with speed and ease of use in mind. It’s suited for any hunter to pick up, adjust & shoot fast. Other compound bows come close to its speed, but can’t match its consistency & ability to perform quickly & efficiently.

Why is it important to have a fast bow?

One of the primary benefits of having a fast bow is that the speed of the arrow means that it can fly straighter for a longer time.

Which bow delivers the fastest speed?

The bow that delivers the fastest speeds in the best overall package is the Bowtech Realm SR6.

What factors determine whether or not you get the kill?

In the middle of the hunt when the pressure is high, one of the most important factors that will determine whether or not you get the kill is the speed of the arrow. To ensure you have a bow that can hit targets as fast as possible, we’ve compared several of the fastest bows on the market and found the best.

What accessory helps you shoot faster?

Another accessory that can help with shooting faster and more efficiently is a sight that helps with aiming. The traditional sights that come with bows have a few pegs that help account for range, but newer and smarter sights exist that help tell you the range of your target, as well as how to adjust and hit them.

What Is The Speed Of The Compound Bow?

Technically compound bow is not fast at all. What is fast is the arrow that you launch from your bow. How fast can it go depends on various factors, including bow itself, weight, accessories and arrow material. You have to consider and what are you shooting with it because some bows are made to be more precise and some to be faster.

How Fast Can Compound Bow Shoot?

It is necessary to determine your distance and path of the arrows to your target. Gravity will usually do the job and undermine your calculation and effort. That is why speed comes useful. Compound bows shoot flatter arrows that travel a longer distance before gravity hits them. Flatter arrow is also a stronger arrow which is a good thing while hunting.

How fast is a PSE compound bow?

Speed is a big characteristic of all of the PSE compound bows and that includes this one. This bow has a shooting speed of 310 feet per second. The riser has well-placed cutouts to add accessories as needed in no time. It is lightweight so even the additional items don’t disturb the stability.

What is a Realtree Xtra Green?

This is a compact compound bow designed for multiple users. It comes in a few different finishing options that include Realtree Xtra Green with camo riser and limbs, Shadow, Olive, and Sand. The last three options feature black limbs. It is small, light and extremely flexible with high compound bow fps.

How long is a leader bow?

This is 28 inches long compound bow (axle to axle) that puts it in the compact compound bows category. It is a great choice for female, beginners, and kid archery shooters. The Leader Accessories comes in multiple solid colors and camo version finish designs so you can pick your preference.

Why is my compound bow loud?

This is one of those bows, so it is recommended to get a quality rubber stabilizer to reduce noise and vibration.

What is a raptor bow?

It comes with quality made accessories. The package includes 5-pin sight, Whisker biscuit style arrow rest, a stabilizer and 4-arrow quiver ready to attach to the bow. It also includes Allen wrench, the only necessary tool to make all the adjustments to the bow.

What is a takedown recurve bow?

Customizable. A takedown recurve bow is one that can be disassembled to put different parts and then reassembled to deliver differently. It means you can use the same bow for archers of different strengths by using a range of draw weights without changing the bow itself.

How long is the Tigershark Pro warranty?

Southwest Archery provides a generous 1-year warranty on this bow.

How much weight can you draw on a Samick Sage?

The maximum draw weight available on the Samick Sage Takedown is 60 pounds.

What is a recurve bow?

A recurve bow is a further developed type of a traditional bow that offers greater accuracy and power in shooting arrows. While the traditional arrow is more shaped like a half-moon, a recurve bow is shaped like the number 3.

What string does a grizzly have?

The Grizzly also features a Dacron Flemish string which is extremely durable and will make sure you don’t ever have to spend money buying a new one.

What are the limbs of the Hunter made of?

The Hunter will never let you down. Its limbs are made up of fiberglass with maple finishing .

How much weight can you draw on a bow?

Plus the limbs are changeable if you want to decrease or increase the weight so that you can start with 25-pound draw weight and when you’ve grown enough muscles, you can switch to 30-pounds or 40-pounds as per your ability without changing the bow itself.

How much does an Excalibur crossbow weigh?

The Excalibur Matrix has a hefty draw-weight of 300 pounds. Note that some states have laws prohibiting crossbows with a draw-weight over 300 lbs, so must check your state’s law before purchasing. Cocking Matrix Bulldog with the rope-cocker still equivalent to deadlifting 150 lbs that will take strength, stamina, and sharp focus.

What does the world’s fast xbow do that others fail to provide?

What does the World’s fast xbow do that others fail to provide? Imagine you have your crossbow in the perfect position, and your prey is exactly where you want it, and when you shoot, you miss the target just because the speed hasn’t with you at the time. The fast crossbow will make sure that you always hit a target.

Why is a rapid crossbow considered more ethical?

Ultra-fast crossbows are considered more ethical because of the higher chance of killing a target in a powerful single shot.

What is reverse draw crossbow?

Its advanced features are the reverse draw technique. It is a system that enables greater speed with less drawing weight. This is possible due to the long, 17″ power stroke. In addition, this new crossbow takes great care of your safety and the safety of others. It adds a special super quiet cocking and secure reverse cocking mechanism (ACU Slide) that eliminates the need for straps or buttons.

How many yards is a cocking device?

It consists of 100 yards illuminated-scope and built-in cocking device for downrange precision.

How fast is a matrix bulldog?

The Matrix Bulldog packs a lethal combination of energy, velocity, and comfort. It produces an arrow-speed of up to 440 feet per second. The Bulldog crossbow is ready to handle any largest game on the planet. With the new Bullpup Ready Rest-stock, it provides a better-balanced platform for maneuverability.

How fast is the R29X?

It comes pre-tuned and assembled that is ready to use. With new fully integrated Silent Cocking System, it hits a new pinnacle of speed with 450 fps.

How We Test Flagship Compound Bows

Each bow was set to a 28-inch draw length and 60-pound draw weight. Once that was complete, we prepared IBO-spec (5 grains per pound of draw weight), 300-grain arrows for measuring speed, as well as noise and vibration. We used Whisker Biscuit rests and a D-loop for all objective testing, but the bows were naked otherwise.

2022 Flagship Compound Bow Trends

Some years, new trends are obvious. Increased adjustability and new tuning systems were big in 2020. Other years, like this one, only mark another steady step forward in overall performance. Which isn’t a bad thing. A couple of big improvements from individual companies spiced things up for 2022, and a curiosity or two caught our attention.

Axle-to-Axle Length

Another bit of conventional wisdom that may be on its way out is the idea that a long axle-to-axle length guarantees better accuracy. Riser design, not overall bow length, seems to be more important now.


To get a baseline, we weighed the bows with just the QAD arrow rest mounted as well as measured their exact draw weight and draw length. The exact draw weight is to provide context for the bow’s speed. All bows were set two turns out from their 70 pound max for 65 pounds +/- 2 pounds.


Next we timed the cams, set the center shot to the standard 13/16 inch, and set the nocking point height level. Then we did a basic paper tune, during which we judged the bows on how easy it was to get a bullet hole. With tuning complete, we recorded the final center shot and nocking point height to give you a starting point for your own tuning.

The 5-Foot Test

When you try out a bow at an archery shop you’ll likely test it close to the target and judge the bow on its feel.

Accuracy Testing

Accuracy testing started at 20 yards. Each tester shot five, three-shot groups at a 40 cm target face and measured their groups with calipers. The accuracy testing then moved to 50 yards with five, three-shot groups. At 50 yards, bows were also equipped with a Mantis device to capture data on holding patterns.

Mantis X8

The Mantis X8 is a small sensor that attaches to a bow’s riser and sends data to the Mantis app. In addition to showing pin movement, it shows how much the bow moves from the time of release to the arrow leaving the bow. It’s a valuable tool for archers who want to improve their form or dial in their setup.


We shot Easton Axis 5mm shafts in a 300 spine cut to 28.75 inches with a 100-grain field point, which overall weighed 450 grains. Bows were shot at the exact specs listed for each bow—approximately 65 pounds and a 29-inch draw length. We used a Labradar doppler chronograph to measure five shots from each bow.

Stress Engineering

For objective testing, we partnered with Stress Engineering Services to test several of the best bows in their lab in Mason, Ohio. Testing at their lab includes precise noise, vibration, and efficiency measurements.

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