who owns chinatown market

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Mike Cherman
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Who is the founder of Chinatown market?
The now-cult LA-based streetwear brand Chinatown Market is the brainchild of Mike Cherman, which since launching in 2016 is turning fast fashion on its head
Is Chin


what is chinatown market

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Chinatown Market鏄敱Mike Cherman鍒涚珛鐨勭航绾︽柊鏅嬭澶村搧鐗?/strong>锛岃繎鏉ヨ〃鐜板崄鍒嗘姠鐪笺€? 鎯冲繀澶у瀵筂ike Cherman閮戒笉闄岀敓鍚э紝鍥犱负浠栨鏄航绾﹁繍鍔ㄥ搧鐗孖CNY鐨勪富鐞嗕汉銆? 鍦ㄥ垱绔婥hinatown Market鍓嶏紝Mi

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