Are stocks up or down


how the stock market end today

Is the stock market closed for Good Friday and Easter?
The stock market seems to be one of the only functional places currently but that too will be closed due to Good Friday. The officials have announced that the stock market will remain closed


why is the stock market booming

“The fact that the stock market is booming is because of thefinancialization of our goods- and services-producing companies,not because the real economy is doing so well.”
Why do stocks keep going up?
because everyone’s buying them. People need t


why is the indian market falling

Strengthening of the US dollar
The first reason why the Indian Share market is falling is related to thestrengthening of the US dollar. As an emerging economy,the Indian rupee has been falling against the dollar. This has been attributed to a rise i


when will the market bottom

The bottom in the stock market will likely occur in the second or third quarter of2022, said Stovall,adding that the SP 500 could fall to 3,400 but finish the year at 4,750 or so.
What to do if your stocks are all falling?
Watching your stock


what was the closing stock market

Closing stock orinventoryis the amount that a company still has on its hand at the end of a financial period. This inventory may include products that are getting processed or are produced but not sold. On a broad level,it includes raw material,work

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