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How to get to Taipei Fish Market (Addiction Aquatic Development) Area map of Taipei Fish Market. Getting to this place is not complicated at all.Take the MRT to get to Xingtian Temple Station,get off Exit 3,turn right and take an 800-meter walk along Song Jiang Road,then search the Google Maps. If you don’t want to walk,you can catch a taxi at about 100 TWD. The entrance gate of Taipei Fish Market

Where to buy fresh seafood in Taipei?

Taipei Fish Market sells fresh food. Other than the certified seafood product supermarket that exclusively sells fresh frozen seafoods which have been inspected and certificated, there is a fish market open on holidays that sells live aquatic products at reasonable cost. Visitors and backpackers love it very much.

How busy is the Taipei fish market on weekends?

The Taipei Fish Market is busy on weekends. There are quite a few visitors from other countries (mostly Asian) looking to get a chance at some fresh Taiwan seafood. It’s worth a visit….

How long does it take to walk to the fish market?

If you don’t want to walk, you can catch a taxi at about 100 TWD. It takes from 10 to 15 minutes to get to the fish market by walk. There is a high-speed crossing bridge that makes you wait for a long time for the green light that allows you to go across the other side of the road.

What is there to do in the seafood market in Tokyo?

One entrance takes you into the fresh seafood area where bins of live fish, king crabs, clams, and oysters are for sale. The other entrance is for the market area with sells sushi, fruit, wine, and various cooked seafoods.

How to get to Taipei Fish Market (Addiction Aquatic Development)

Getting to this place is not complicated at all. Take the MRT to get to Xingtian Temple Station, get off Exit 3, turn right and take an 800-meter walk along Song Jiang Road, then search the Google Maps.

What to eat at Taipei Fish Market?

Once you go into the Taipei Fish Market, you need to take a walk around, leave the outdoor restaurant to get to the backward area, called Addiction Aquatic Development. This is the area to explore.

This fish market is divided into 3 zones

There are processed kinds of fish (cut into pieces), canned in neat, but they look eight times fresh than the ones at Aeon Mall. This area is for those who travel on a budget as you can save money, buy the food and then move to the outside area (a separate dining area) to eat.

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How long to walk to Jianguo North Road?

Walk for about 10 minutes until you get to Min Zu East Road. The Jianguo overpass will be above you. Take a right on Min Zu East Road and walk a few minutes. At Jianguo North Road Alley 113, take a right and walk down the alley. The fish market entrance will be ahead of you.

Does Shang Yin have seafood?

The Shang Yin Addiction Aquatic has a large open seafood area (see below) where seafood can be bought and prepared on the premises.

Can you buy shrimp and scallops?

Cooked shrimp, scallops, and fish can be bought and then taken home, or brought outside to be eaten at any of the standing tables.

Can you eat at a wine bar?

I was shocked to see a wine bar at the market. You can buy a bottle or have a glass. Unfortunately, you can’t eat your food at the wine bar, but they let us take our wine glasses to the outside tables. White wine with fresh seafood tasted great!

Should I visit this Taipei Market?

If you are a seafood lover, and are looking for a “full-on” aquatic experience, then Addiction Aquatic Development is certainly for you. It is a great place to browse, enjoy seafood at various bars and restaurants, and buy some seafood to takeaway to enjoy later.

What is a seafood bar?

One of the great little joys of life, to me anyway, is a seafood bar selling a large variety of raw and cooked seafood, alongside champagne or a glass of wine. This area is a great way to indulge in a little taste of the sea before heading back to the serious job of shopping.

What would happen if we hadn’t planned to have lunch at the seafood grill?

If we hadn’t planned to have our lunch at the seafood grill, we would have visited the hot pot restaurant, as the thought of cooking fresh seafood in a broth flavoured with seaweed sounds delicious.

What is the best meal to have in summer?

Oysters and salad. The perfect summer meal.

How to make reservations at the hot pot?

Reservations can be made for the hot pot area by calling 02 2508 1268. Or you can fax (if you have one) on 02 2508 0268. Other than for hot pot dining, all areas are on a first-come, first-served basis. Each of the food areas are independently operated so bringing food from another area or from outside is not allowed.

Do King Crabs climb out of tanks?

And it was a great sight to see the king crabs trying to climb out of the tanks, with a staff member always on hand at the right moment to foil the escape attempt.

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