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Phases of Learning Marketo and Marketing OperationsLearn more about Marketo and how it thinks of the Lead Lifecycle.Read some of the introduction docs.Consider an Introduction Course focused on tasks Marketers do with Marketo.When you get stuck,pose the question to the Nation Search Bar.No clear answers? …Search Google and YouTube for Marketo specific questions.Do the work. (6 to 12 months).Prepare for the Exam.

How do I become a Marketo certified expert?

Become a Marketo Certified Expert – Marketo Take the MarketoCertified Expert ExamPreparationcourse, designed to help you succeed in studyingforand taking theMCE exam. View the schedule. Marketo University Exam Prep: Adobe Certified Expert – Marketo Engage Business Practitioner

Why should you get a Marketo certification?

CHECK IT OUT Stand out by demonstrating your knowledge, skills, and expertise Earning a Marketo Certification is a significant way to validate your Marketo skills. When you become certified, you join an elite group of marketing professionals who find certification boosts their career as demand for Marketo experts continues to grow.

How do I get Started with Marketo?

Up your Marketo game. Dive deeper to unlock the power of Marketo. Get the hands-on experience you need to help you get more value faster. Free Training Watch foundational videos and start building your Marketo skills. Get full access to free Marketo training resources and smart answers when you need them. Start Learning Course Catalog

What is the Adobe Certified Expert – Marketo engage business practitioner exam?

The Adobe Certified Expert – Marketo Engage Business Practitioner exam covers out-of-the-box features of Marketo Engage. No add-on products are included in the exam or this course. Best For Thiscourseis for marketing professionals who:

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