how to find below market value property malaysia

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How to Find Below Market Value Properties in Malaysia?1. Buying properties at a property auction2. Buying properties on a developer discount3. Buying properties from desperate sellers

What is a below market value property?

Auction properties are the most legit source of below market value properties that anyone can get their hands on. The property is most certainly below market value because these properties are being auctioned by a bank because they need the money to cover a defaulted loan.

How to estimate property market value in Malaysia?

What you need next is the property built-up ( for condo/apartment) or land size ( for terrace house) of the property. 666 psf as the average price. If the property built up is 1500 sqft, so you want to multiply with the average price per square foot. 666 psf x 1500 sqft = RM999,000 as the estimate property market value.

How can I check the value of a property?

1 Ask a banker to do it.#N#You can use the conventional way, by asking your bankers to check it. 2 You can check it online#N#Few property websites provide actual transacted prices to the public. 3 This is the most advanced technique. Artificial Intelligence (AI) model to do value checking More …

Does the bank valuer agree with the purchase price?

The bank valuer might agree or disagree with the Purchase Price. Regardless which a market value indication will be given to the bank’s officer. If the Property Market Value is the same as the Property Purchase Price, the bank officer will recommend the application up to the maximum bank margin.

How To Check The Market Value Of Property? ( FOR FREE)

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Important Note

The technique of using brickz website to calculate the property market value is only an alternative way prior to getting the actual valuation from the bank or from the valuer company.

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Why Are Properties Sold Below Market Value?

In many cases, properties are sold at below market value because the seller wants to make a quick sale.

How To Find Below Market Value Properties?

Individuals and developers selling below market value property do so for a reason – to encourage potential buyers to take a look. That means BMV properties are normally clearly marked.

How Can You Determine The ‘True’ Market Value?

If you’re worried about the actual market value of a property, it’s important to do your research and check to see what you can find.

What to do if developer wants to sell?

If the developer or seller really wants to sell, they should be open about valuations. Ask for a copy of the valuation, and if you’re not sure, request for a new valuation to be undertaken.

What happens when you start with a purchase price below the true market value?

Since you’re starting with a purchase price below the true market value, you’re potentially benefiting from an immediate capital appreciation represented by the difference between the price you pay, and the true market value.

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