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Market Research for your Etsy Shop– Earning on Etsy Series,Part 21. Find Similar Items First,start thinking like your ideal customer. …2. Take a Closer Look How do the search results look? …3. List vs. Gallery View The default view for Etsy shops is the gallery view. …4. Valuable Research Information When you click on an item of interest from your search,you will go to the item’s listing page. …

What is Etsy market research?

What do you mean by “market research”? Market research is the technical way of assessing your business’s opportunities and/or product before launching. Etsy market research means explicitly looking at the options and hurdles that your store may face when selling and growing on the Etsy marketplace.

What percentage of people buy on Etsy after seeing it?

For example, I have 506 views on my Etsy SEO worksheet and 22 sales. To figure out the percentage of people who buy this after seeing it I divide 22 by 506 and can make a good guess that about 4% of the people who see this listing will buy it.

Is opening an Etsy store a good idea?

Blindly opening an Etsy store to make a few quick bucks on the side could be a great idea. But without doing comprehensive Etsy market research, your sales may flatline quickly, and you’ll be fighting an uphill battle to get more.

What is being done wrong on Etsy?

One of the activities I see being done wrong by Etsy Sellers most often is Market Research. It’s often done badly, lazily, or not at all. This leads Sellers to open shops with poorly thought out products that don’t sell. Inevitably this leads to moaning that “Etsy doesn’t work”, or “Etsy is rigged”.

Why do I love seeing my favorites?

If you are not selling as much right now because you are a new Etsy seller or trying to figure out your product lines , watching your favorites like a hawk is a great idea idea for product development.

How much is the print of "She married a bear"?

For the first one we see it was a print called In The Spring, She Married A Bear, Large Print 11X14 by Emily Winfield Martin. I would note down relevant things like it was a bear, large print and 11X14. To get a feel for the price we will have to look at the other like items that Etsy shows us at the top. All of her prints seem to be around $36. Now, they are printed on paper instead of canvas so we need to keep that in mind for our review.

How to get traffic from Etsy?

You need to get traffic from Esty by focusing on your Etsy SEO and also by sending people from your social media or websites.

How many people have looked at my real estate planner?

Given everything available on Etsy and the internet, over 700 people have looked at my Real Estate planner page. Now, the interesting for us to look at is where the number of views matches up with the favorites and sales.

Why is tracking your own best sellers important?

How it helps: Tracking your own best sellers is super important for knowing what to make more of or variations of themes that work well for customers who find you!

What does it mean when someone likes your shop?

When someone favorites your item or shop, they are indicating an interest in you or your products. This is like going on a first date with you! They are not ready to commit to marrying you (buying something), but they are interested enough to not want to lose you for later.

Why is it important to note where your views are coming from?

It is important to note where your views are coming from so you can spend your marketing time wisely. If you are spending an hour a day on Facebook and getting few hits, then you need to move that time over to something more productive.

Who will buy from you?

It’s essential to have a clear understanding of who will buy your products and know how to talk to them.

What to do once you have established yourself in a second niche?

Once you’ve established yourself in a second niche, then branch out to others that aren’t too far away from your current area of expertise. “Handmade alpaca hair winter beanies,” for example.

Why is it easier to nich down?

By niching down, you have less competition. Less competition makes it easier for you to be the best in that niche, and you’re sure to be found by those looking for you.

Why do you need to do market research on Etsy?

It’s a necessary process to make your marketing efforts more effective and improve your business’s long-term success and longevity. The old saying “those that fail to plan, plan to fail” has been around for a long time for a reason — it’s true.

What does it mean when the search volume is high?

If the search volume for a keyword is high, that means many people search for it. And if engagement is high, that means many people are clicking on listings in the results set of that search. So, if search and engagement are high, it may be a good opportunity for you – provided that the market isn’t flooded with competition.

Why is knowing what you’re up against important?

Knowing what you’re up against helps you measure, test, assess, and improve your marketing and promotional tactics. The overall benefit is the long-term sustainability of your product, business, and its ongoing growth.

How Do You Find the Most-Sold Items on Etsy?

Finding out what is the most sold item on Etsy is a great way to see what is currently a “trending” or “hot-ticket” item on the site.

What is graphique art?

For example, Graphique, as we mentioned before, is part of a HUGE category of sellers online, which is “digital art.”. To stand out from the crowd, Graphique has created a type of digital art that capitalizes on old-fashioned and literary inspiration.

What is rabbit hole on Etsy?

Whenever you click around on Etsy, there tends to be this “rabbit-hole” effect where you start by clicking on handmade bookmarks and end up looking at ornate, refurbished flapper dresses.

What is market research on Etsy?

Market research is not only a great way to see what the competition is currently selling on, but can also be a great way to start thinking about what it is that you want to sell for yourself! Before any small business venture, market research is key – crucial even! You would be surprised by how many Etsy sellers who go into Etsy thinking …

Is Craftcount affiliated with Etsy? is not associated nor affiliated with; however, they do keep a great ranking record of the top 10, 50, or 100 Etsy shops in various categories and those that are the top 10 of all time.

What similar items are out there?

Unless you have an amazing novel idea, chances are good that there are people already selling what you plan to sell. Of course it won’t be exactly the same. There will be differences in color, style, materials, and more.

What is actually selling?

Just because you find an item on Etsy doesn’t necessarily mean it sells. Finding out if items similar to yours are selling, gives you a clue about how popular your items may be. Of course this is just one piece of the picture.

What is the range of prices?

You’ll be interested in prices both for the product and for shipping. Take a deeper look at items priced on either end of the price spectrum. This will give you some background for setting your own prices.

1. Find Similar Items

First, start thinking like your ideal customer. If you were a buyer going online to search for the item you are selling, what would your search words be? Brainstorm for a minute. This won’t necessarily be the listing title, just words that a potential buyer might use to describe what they are looking for. Write down the words you come up with.

2. Take a Closer Look

How do the search results look? Were most of the results legitimately what a buyer of your products would be interested in? If it helps, you can filter the search to show only handmade items, supplies, or vintage items. Click through several of pages of results to get an overall feel for the competition.

3. List vs. Gallery View

The default view for Etsy shops is the gallery view. The large horizontal photos of gallery view easily display eye candy to potential customers. However, for market research detectives, the list view is better.

4. Valuable Research Information

When you click on an item of interest from your search, you will go to the item’s listing page. Let’s see what we can learn from an item’s listing page.

Some of the reasons I like this tool

The average price (so you can determine how much to charge and also whether your cost price is too high adn if the product is going to feasible)

It tells you the average price for that product

If you’re looking to start selling a new product line (or start a new etsy shop or even an online business) you can use this to determine if it’s feasible (taking into account all of your overheads, paying yourself a wage for your time, supplies etc.)

It gives you keywords

There’s a handy word cloud with related keywords you can use for determining your shop tags – you may find some tags you haven’t come across before and that you could be missing out on a lot of views!

It tells you how well ranked keywords are

Like with the world cloud above, we can see that cushion cover recieves the most searches so not only would I ensure this is a tag for my listing, but I would also place these words at the start of the listing title and in the first paragraph of the listing

You can look at your competitors

I like to create a Word document and jot down some of the following as I’m conducting market research, so I can easily pinpoint similarities, competitor shortfalls and how I can make my products stand out:

Before we begin

This article is a part of a series specifically for new sellers on Etsy! If you just stumbled across this article and you’re unsure where to begin, we recommend you check out the first of the series, Everything You Need to Know Before You Start an Etsy Shop.

What are Etsy keywords?

When buyers search on Etsy, most of the time, they have a rough idea of what they want:

What about long-tail keywords?

You’ll often hear us refer to long-tail keywords, but what are they? These are more niche and/or specific search phrases. With long-tail keywords, you can niche down on a super-specific product. This likely means that there will be less competition when searching for your product.

Research Etsy keywords for your store

Etsy itself is pretty vague when it comes to “official” keyword research.

Why finding the right keyword is so important

It’s vital that you use keywords with a reasonably high search volume to get more views. But it’s also crucial that you know how competitive that keyword is.

Research Etsy keywords with Marmalead

Using Marmalead, you can simply type in your keyword and get an overview of important data for that specific keyword.

Over to you

Researching your Etsy keywords can be intimidating if you’ve had nothing to do with marketing before. But with the information you’ve read above, as well as valuable tools like Marmalead, you’ll be able to set your Etsy store up for more and more traffic and more sales.

What is Marmalead for Etsy?

Marmalead is an awesome tool for finding keywords for your Etsy listings, but it can also be super powerful for doing new Etsy product research and development. In today’s Jam, we’re talking about how to get the most out of Marmalead when you’re looking at entering a new market.

Can you make a product for $20?

You might think you’ve discovered a market and found something that you can make, but then you’re seeing that people are going to pay $20. There’s no way you’re going to make this product for $20. It ’s just not going to happen. This could be for a variety of reasons, maybe you want to make a product that’s higher quality than people are willing to pay for and that’s perfectly fine. You’ve got to go through a bunch of ideas to find the good ones.

Can you compete in your market?

You might find that you can’t even compete in your market. It could be that it’s going to be so expensive for you to be able to make your product and you’re not going to be able to sell it for the price that other products are selling for. And so you’re really not interested in spending your time on that. This is another way that you can weed out some of those market options that you’re finding and that you’ve added to your list.

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