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Are Instagram influencers actually profitable for marketing?

Look around at the brands who are taking Influencer Marketing seriously and you will see they are outselling their competition tenfold. Are Instagram influencers actually profitable for marketing? Yes, they influencer collaborations can help you drive amazing results. However, that will happen only if you partner with the right influencers.

Is everyone on Instagram an influencer?

Everyone can become an Instagram influencer. March 11, 2019 francisgroeneveld Leave a comment. If you are active on Instagram, you probably are familiar with so called ‘influencers’. Influencers are people that are extremely active on Instagram and have built a certain credibility in a specific industry. Influencers post a lot of authentic …

How to start an influencer marketing campaign?

Whether you want to invest your money in a big social media celebrity or various micro-influencers?Does the influencer’s audience resemble with the target audience that you have defined for your brand?Does the influencer put out content that is somehow related to your brand?Does the influencer have decent engagement rates on his posts regularly?More items…

What Instagram hiding ‘likes’ means for influencer marketing?

“Instagram hiding likes means that there will be a heavier focus on content rather than metrics, which could be a great opportunity for influencer marketing.” Small vs Large influencers

How to use influencer marketing on Instagram?

When employing influencer marketing on Instagram, the first step is to find the right influencers who are popular within your specific sub-niche. Using Instagram influencers who are already popular within your niche will increase the likelihood that you’ll make sales, as their followers are already engaged.

What is boxed water?

Boxed Water used Instagram influencer marketing to market their philanthropic initiative The ReTree Project. They asked users to post a photo with the hashtag #ReTree, and for every post with that hashtag, Boxed Water would plant two trees.

How does Instagram influencer marketing work?

Through Instagram influencer marketing, you can get influencers in your niche with a large following to share one of your posts. This way, you can potentially get tens of thousands of targeted people to view your post overnight. This is why Instagram influencer marketing excels – you’ll have thousands of potential customers viewing your products, and they’ll be likely to convert as they trust the influencer enough already to follow them . Imagine what this can do for your ecommerce store’s growth!

What is an Instagram influencer?

An Instagram influencer is an Instagram user who has an established audience and is able to persuade others because of their level of trustworthiness and reach. Instagram influencers can help you build a massive audience from scratch in a relatively short period of time, and they can also potentially help you generate a lot of sales just by featuring your products on their profiles.

Why is it important to get creative on Instagram?

As people are exposed to more advertising content than ever, it’s important to get creative in order to stand out from your competitors. Advertising experiences must be appealing and not overly salesy. This is why Instagram influencer marketing can be such a winner for your brand.

Do Instagram influencers have email?

Typically, Instagram influencers will have an email listed in their bio that you can reach out to. Because there’s usually monetary compensation involved, they’ll generally be willing to work with entrepreneurs whose products align with the type of content they post on their feed. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

Is Webstagram free?

Webstagram is free and easy to use, so it’s totally worth doing a quick search to identify key information relevant to your Instagram marketing strategy. Another tactic for marketing on Instagram is making sure that you’re posting on the right days and at the optimal times.

Why Choose Instagram for Influencer Marketing?

Now the big question is – why Instagram? Why not Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or any of the other social media platforms? Aren’t they just as effective for influencer marketing? The truth is that, although these other platforms can be useful for influencer marketing campaigns, none of them compares to Instagram.

What is brand content?

Branded content – here, you share posts through your company Instagram account, but you feature influencers in that content.

How much do influencers get paid on Instagram?

The amount you have to pay an Instagram influencer very much depends on their popularity and level of influence. Many of the world’s largest and best-known brands have worked with celebrity influencers and been willing to pay considerable sums for the privilege. Hopper puts out an annual Instagram Richlist, attempting to separate influencers from celebrities. Expect to pay top celebrities, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Dwayne Johnson, Arian Grande, and Kylie Jenner, upwards of $1.5 million per post.

Why is Instagram the best platform for influencer marketing?

Instagram is the perfect platform to execute your influencer marketing campaign, especially because influencers prefer to use Instagram. 59% of influencers say Instagram is the most effective way to engage their target audience.

What is sponsored post?

Sponsored posts – you pay influencers to create content on behalf of your brand, which they share with their followers on Instagram. They will need to tag these posts as being sponsored to meet legal disclosure requirements.

How many followers does a micro influencer have?

Views differ regarding the size of a micro-influencer’s following, as there is no precise definition. However, we can generally think of micro-influencers as anyone people consider an expert in a niche, with between 1,000 and 50-100,000 followers. If we go back to Hopper’s 2021 findings, we can find high-quality micro-influencers charging in the region of $100-$500 per post.

What should your goal be at the bottom of the funnel?

For those near the bottom of the funnel, you can legitimately set a goal of increasing your sales, working with influencers to help you achieve this. However, your goals should relate more to product and brand awareness for those near the top of the funnel.

Why use Instagram for Influencer Marketing?

Instagram is an excellent way to reach your target audience with 1.3B monthly active users. Although Instagram has fewer users than Facebook, the engagement rate is much higher.

How Many Types of Influencers Are There?

As time goes on, the category of influencers continues to grow. There are currently five major types of influencers and are sorted according to the number of followers. Below is the complete lowdown on each category.

How To Start An Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaign?

If you’re wondering how to use Instagram as an influencer marketing platform successfully and how to prepare for a campaign, here are some essentials that you should consider:

What is the importance of engagement rate?

In addition to relevance, the other vital factor to look at is engagement rate. An influencer with high engagement rate is a sign that the influencer is creating content that their audience loves to interact with. I really like tools such as Phlanx Influencer Engagement Calculator for measuring the average engagement rate of potential influencers.

What are the KPIs for brand awareness?

For instance, KPIs such as follow growth, social media impressions, engagement rate, reach, etc., would be crucial to a goal that involves raising brand awareness. And if your goal is to drive more revenues, you’ll be looking mainly at metrics such as click-through rate, conversion rate, total basket value, etc.

How does Instagram help influencers?

Maintain Transparency. Instagram has made it easier for influencers and brands to maintain transparency with sponsored posts. Influencers will now be able to add a “Paid Partnership With …” tag in which they can tag your brand for the posts they create for you.

Why is Instagram relevant to HP?

This is relevant because the goal is to raise awareness about the product among a young and style-conscious audience.

What is Forbes Coaches Council?

Forbes Coaches Council is an invitation-only community for leading business and career coaches. Do I qualify?

Can influencers take over Instagram?

You can even get influencers to take over your Instagram account for a day. This works great because they’ll be able to draw in their followers to your account and help you gain new followers. Plus, they’ll be able to engage your current followers with new content from a fresh viewpoint.

Can influencers tag sponsored posts?

Instagram has made it easier for influencers and brands to maintain transparency with sponsored posts. Influencers will now be able to add a “Paid Partnership With …” tag in which they can tag your brand for the posts they create for you. So enable your influencers to make the most of this tag whenever relevant.

What is an Influencer?

An influencer, often times referred to as a blogger or content creator, is a trusted resource with a significantly engaged following on social media who shares genuine opinions and information on various topics, products and services that interest them via social media, a website or blog.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Depending on who you ask, you may get various opinions on influencer marketing. Truth be told, I could probably write an entire blog post on all the answers I’ve received.

How many Instagram influencers will be there in 2020?

The number of brand-sponsored influencer posts on Instagram, currently 4.95 million, is expected to reach 6.12 million by 2020. The facts are clear – Instagram influencer marketing is not going away anytime soon. The power of influencers is rising and will considerably change the way consumers shop.

Why do people use Instagram as influencers?

One of the biggest reasons why influencer marketing thrives on Instagram is because the connection between influencers and their target audience is personal.

How many people use Instagram?

With over 1 billion monthly active users (and more than 500,000 of them active every day), it’s no surprise that social media influencers use Instagram as their primary platform .

When you’re ready to pitch an influencer program, what should you take into account?

When you’re ready to pitch an influencer program, take into account how the influencer handles communication. Are they quick to respond or do they take days to get back to you and provide very little information?

What is brand led communication?

Brand-led communication, like influencer marketing campaigns, is a key tactic to connecting users to a brand – both to its voice and products. This marketing strategy is a brand’s early step to creating an engaged relationship with consumers.

Why Use Instagram Influencer Marketing?

One reason is that people listen to their peers more than companies. Another reason is that influencer content is able to break through the social media algorithms that challenge every brand and business.

How Much Does Instagram Influencer Marketing Actually Cost?

However, there is an average. According to a survey by Later, 66% of businesses say that they pay less than $250 per post. Another 27% pays between $250 and $1,000. However, as with anything marketing-related, there’s a range.

How many followers does a macro influencer have?

Macro influencers have between 500,000 and a million followers. Unlike their celebrity counterparts, they tend to cater to a specific niche. In other words, they don’t draw everyone to their profile page. Instead, they tend to have more common interests with the people they influence.

How many followers does a celebrity have?

Celebrities are influencers who have more than a million followers. While many offline celebrities are also celebrity-level influencers, this isn’t always the case. Furthermore, many people are celebrity influencers on Instagram, but hardly anyone knows them in real life. This rule is also true of other influencer levels.

How do marketers classify influencers?

Marketers often classify influencers by their follower count. An influencer’s category changes somewhat over time, as an influencer’s following grows or they lose favor. However, the guidelines themselves are relatively consistent.

Is Instagram growing?

On another note , Instagram itself is experiencing explosive growth. This means that the potential audience for Instagram influencer marketing is expanding rapidly. Instagram users represent a wide variety of ages, income levels, interests, and backgrounds. Which is to say, if there’s a niche you’re trying to reach, then you can find that niche on Instagram.

Who is Neal Schaffer?

Neal Schaffer is a leading authority on helping businesses through their digital transformation of sales and marketing through consulting, training, and helping enterprises large and small develop and execute on social media marketing strategy, influencer marketing, and social selling initiatives. President of the social media agency PDCA Social, Neal also teaches digital media to executives at Rutgers University, the Irish Management Institute (Ireland), and the University of Jyvaskyla (Finland). Fluent in Japanese and Mandarin Chinese, Neal is a popular keynote speaker and has been invited to speak about digital media on four continents in a dozen countries. He is also the author of 3 books on social media, including Maximize Your Social (Wiley), and in late 2019 will publish his 4th book, The Business of Influence (HarperCollins), on educating the market on the why and how every business should leverage the potential of influencer marketing. Neal resides in Irvine, California but also frequently travels to Japan.

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