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How to use guerrilla marketing1. Use the surprise factor One of the most important tactics of guerrilla marketing,and a major reason for its effectiveness,is the element of surprise. …2. Do your research Although guerilla marketing should seem spontaneous and random,you need to do a lot of research and careful planning before launching a guerrilla marketing campaign. …3. Involve the audience …4. Don’t push too much …

When should a company use guerrilla marketing?

Though it began as a strategy for small businesses on a tight budget, large corporations quickly saw the benefits of guerrilla marketing and employed the tactics, as well. Any business aiming to increase sales, brand awareness, and loyalty should add guerrilla marketing tactics to its current strategy.

What is guerrilla marketing and how can I use it?

What is Guerrilla Marketing and how can I use it?Get to the streets. Yes,literally,get on the streets. Guerrilla marketing is not about those big expensive social media campaigns or TV advertisements.Small things,big goals. Do you own a painting company? …Employ guerrilla marketing with social media. Social media is the most important piece in this puzzle called marketing. …

How to run a guerrilla marketing program?

Guerrilla marketing is run by giving a surprise effect to the audience. The trick is to use unusual ways and places. Thus, it will be easier to get the full attention of the audience. 2. Creative and innovative. The guerrilla marketing strategy emphasizes imagination, creative ideas, and innovative designs.

Are guerrilla marketing techniques actually effective?

Yes, they are very effective but you have to take into consideration what they are doing for your brand. Most guerrilla tactics are all about branding and generating awareness of your company or product offering. Sometimes what you get most of is buzz or recognition and it doesn’t necessarily translate into higher sales.

What is guerrilla marketing?

Guerrilla marketing refers to low-cost, creative marketing techniques that companies employ to create brand awareness among potential clients. It makes use of tactics like surprise and shock to draw the attention of the public to company brands.

What is the most important tactic in guerrilla marketing?

One of the most important tactics of guerrilla marketing, and a major reason for its effectiveness, is the element of surprise. The difference between a normal advertisement on a billboard and an ambient marketing campaign that places an oversized ice cream on a sidewalk is the surprise factor. To create the element of surprise, you will need to think in an original and creative way, as consumers cannot be surprised by something they know and are familiar with. Once you have managed to surprise your consumer, you have caught their attention and have made a memorable impression.

What is a sockpuppet in astrology?

Astroturfing may involve using a “sockpuppet,” which is a single person who assumes different identities to, for instance, place multiple positive reviews about a product. Companies can also create fake blogs or may pay employees to post positive reviews about their brand.

What is astroturfing?

Astroturfing is a controversial and, at times, risky marketing strategy, as it involves fake endorsements and recommendations. This means that instead of relying on a genuinely enthused public to spread information regarding a product or brand, this type of marketing involves paying a person, or people, to publicly endorse a product on social media platforms, blogs or other forums. What makes this kind of advertising different from employing a famous actor to advertise a brand is that astroturfing creates the impression of widespread, grassroots support for a product or brand.

How effective is guerrilla marketing?

For guerrilla marketing to be effective, the message and the execution of the campaign need to be clever and highly original. This, together with the fact that these kinds of campaigns typically do not have a large, requires creativity, as well as an in-depth understanding of the worldview and preferences of the target audience.

What is street marketing?

Street marketing. Street marketing occurs when companies use public spaces in unique and unconventional ways to draw attention to their brands. Although ambient marketing also employs public spaces, street marketing takes place exclusively on the streets.

How to create surprise?

Once you have managed to surprise your consumer, you have caught their attention and have made a memorable impression. 2. Do your research.

What Is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is a marketing tactic in which a company uses surprise and/or unconventional interactions in order to promote a product or service. Guerrilla marketing is different than traditional marketing in that it often relies on personal interaction, has a smaller budget, and focuses on smaller groups of promoters that are responsible for getting the word out in a particular location rather than through widespread media campaigns.

How is guerrilla marketing different from traditional marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is different than traditional marketing in that it often relies on personal interaction, has a smaller budget, and focuses on smaller groups of promoters that are responsible for getting the word out in a particular location rather than through widespread media campaigns.

How much did Snapple cost in fines?

The signs created a bomb scare and cost Turner Broadcasting (the network’s parent) $2 million in fines. In a 2005 Guinness World Record attempt, Snapple promoted its new frozen treats by erecting a 25-foot popsicle in a New York City park.

Who coined the term "buzz"?

It was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson in his 1984 book Guerrilla Marketing. Its goal is to create buzz about a product or brand so that it increases the likelihood that a consumer will purchase the product or service, or talk about it with others potential buyers.

Who is Adam Hayes?

Adam Hayes is a financial writer with 15+ years Wall Street experience as a derivatives trader. Besides his extensive derivative trading expertise, Adam is an expert in economics and behavioral finance.

How does guerrilla marketing work?

It’s an investment of time, but not money, per se. In a way, guerrilla marketing works by repurposing your audience’s current environment. Evaluate it, and figure out which segments of it can be repurposed to include your brand.

What do marketers really enjoy about guerrilla marketing?

What marketers really enjoy about guerrilla marketing is its fairly low-cost nature. The real investment here is a creative, intellectual one — its implementation, however, doesn’t have to be expensive. Michael Brenner summarizes it nicely in his article on “guerrilla content,” where he frames this style of marketing in the same context as repurposing your existing content, like taking certain segments of a report, and expanding each one into a blog post. It’s an investment of time, but not money, per se.

What is guerilla marketing?

Guerilla marketing is a way to drive publicity and, as a result, brand awareness by promoting using unconventional methods designed to evoke surprise, wonder, or shock.

How many followers does Burger King have on Instagram?

And if it was, we can’t help but salute them — what a way to get your brand into the zeitgeist. Burger King has roughly one million followers on Instagram.

What is a fun fact about your neighborhood marketing blogger?

Here’s a fun fact about your neighborhood marketing blogger: I. Spill. Everything. Coffee? Check. Olive oil? You got it. Generally, I am simply a mess, and like to have paper towels nearby at all times.

What is Bounty’s unique way to advertise its product?

By installing life-sized "messes" throughout the streets of New York — a giant, knocked-over coffee cup and a gigantic melting popsicle – Bounty found a unique way to advertise its product and the solution it provides, with minimal words.

Why were the stakes strategically placed?

The stakes were actually strategically placed — to cast a shadow of Dracula himself.

What Is Guerilla Marketing?

Guerilla marketing is a creative and unconventional way of advertising your product or service. It involves using low-cost or free tactics to get your message out there, such as street stunts, guerilla ads, and social media campaigns.

Why You Should Invest in Guerilla Marketing?

Guerilla marketing can be beneficial to small businesses in the following ways:

How do you create guerilla marketing?

Now that you know the benefits of guerilla marketing, how can you start your campaign?

15 Real-world examples of guerilla marketing

Here are 15 examples of guerilla marketing that have been successful in getting people’s attention:

Measuring Campaign Performance in Digital Marketing

Data driven approaches to lead the marketing, sales and business processes have brought a tremendous increase in return. Now it’s a digital marketing era, in which advertisement is tangible. Advertisers can keep track easily when, where and at what time of day on which device the advertisement was shown.


Different companies use guerilla marketing tactics. Big companies such as Red Bull, Sony, Coca-Cola, Domino’s, Oreo, and Pepsi continue to use guerilla marketing to market their products and services as they are impactful, cost less, and effective.

What is subway sandwich marketing?

Subway sandwiches used guerrilla and subconscious marketing to suggest its food to passersby in the summer of 2018. The chain’s “SUBliminal messaging” launched a three-day campaign in Chicago where images of footlong subs were projected onto buildings and on streets with chalk art. The brand has used similar tactics like these in years to generate buzz after its brand began declining a few years back.

What is guerrilla marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is a cost-effective marketing strategy that uses unconventional and inventive tactics to get exposure for a product or brand.

Why do companies use guerrilla marketing?

Investing in guerrilla marketing says that your business is ready to capture the public’s attention in creative ways. With their attention, your brand becomes the distinct entity you want to be in the marketplace. Your company is more recognizable and becomes that much more likely to be the first choice that comes into a consumer’s mind.

What is the name of the pancake restaurant that is known as the International House of Burgers?

To promote its burgers, pancake restaurant IHOP teased and briefly became the International House of Burgers, or IHOb. The move certainly gained heaps of attention for the restaurant.

What is the main takeaway of the quote "Be funny, be bold and don’t be afraid to lean?

Main Takeaway: Be funny, be bold and don’t be afraid to lean into your humor.

What is the most iconic thing about Deadpool?

But the most iconic one may be the Tinder profile setup for the crime fighter. All the efforts have helped push the film to become one of the most successful hero franchises in recent years.

How to take on the world and win Sam Conniff Allende?

Be More Pirate: Or How to Take On the World and Win author Sam Conniff Allende lived up to the title of his first published book when advertising it. Allende pasted hot pink eight meter ads along the first floor windows of Penguin Random House’s London offices. The thing is, Penguin hadn’t approved the ads. The author and a team snuck in as contractors to do the deed. As of December 2018, the book is available in eight countries including the U.S.

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