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How to become a sub broker in stock market?Choosing a sub-broker franchise model: First,you have to choose the best sub-broker franchise model you want to follow. …Submission of Documents: After verifying that you meet the sub-broker eligibility requirements,the next step is to submit all required documents to the securities brokerage firm you wish to partner with. …Sub broker registration formMore items

How to become a sub broker?

To become a sub broker you can give this exam arranged by the National Stock Exchange (NSE). This is an online test and a certification program that tests an individual’s knowledge, and practical skills to operate in financial markets. This program is useful for beginners in the stock market to hone their skills.

How to start a stock market sub broker franchise?

Become a sub broker and opt for a Stock Market Franchise model, to begin your own business. People often want to start their business but its profitability and perks are often doubtful. In such instances, you may opt for a stock market sub broker model, and get started with your business.

How to become a sub-broker in NISM?

The exam type can change depending on the broker requirements.: To be a sub-broker, you need to clear NISM Series VIII – Equity Derivatives Certificate Examination. This is valid for 3 years, although the exam type can change depending on the broker requirements. Then you need to approach a broker and pay security money

What education do you need to become a stockbroker?

To be a broker, an applicant must have earned a bachelor’s degree in the relevant area. Ques. To which industry does the job of a stockbroker belong? Ans.

How to Become a Sub-broker in India?

In short, we will discuss the steps involved in the process of how to become a sub-broker. Depending on the requirement of the stockbroker, you will be asked to qualify for the exam.

What is a sub broker?

While you are trying to understand how to become a sub broker, you need to know that this is the person who helps clients or investors in their trading and investing decisions. Though, the sub-broker is not a trading member himself or herself but works on behalf of the clients.

What is NISM in SEBI?

NISM (National Institute of Securities Market ): SEBI established NISM as a public trust in the year 2006. It offers various types of courses in Full-time and Part-time for those who want to learn and understand how to become a sub-broker, stockbroker, etc.

What is a sub broker business?

To provide you with quick relief, a sub-broker business is one that does not require higher investment and the associated risk of failure with the business is very low.

Why don’t people invest in the stock market in India?

In India, most of the people don’t want to invest in the stock market due to the lack of knowledge or risk involved in this field. As a sub-broker, you should be able to explain everything related to the stock market to the client so that they can be ready to invest in this area.

What is the function of a subbroker?

The main function of a sub-broker is to provide the right suggestions about the buying and selling of stocks to the clients so that they can get a good profit. For this, you should have proper knowledge of the stock market.

How many modules are there in NSE?

To become a sub-broker one can qualify for the following exams. These exams are arranged by NSE and have three modules i.e basic module, an intermediate module, and advanced module. All exams under these modules have different time duration, qualifying marks, and total marks.

How to become a sub-broker?

Coming back to the million-dollar question, how to become a sub-broker in India – here is the answer. The exam type can change depending on the broker requirements.:

What is a NISM course?

NISM Courses (National Institute of Securities Market) To become a sub broker you can enrol yourself in the NISM, the NISM Full Form is National Institute of Securities Market. This institute is there in order to educate investors, stockbrokers and sub brokers about the stock market.

How long is the NISM Series VIII exam valid?

This is valid for 3 years, although the exam type can change depending on the broker requirements. Then you need to approach a broker and pay security money.

How to be an AP for a stockbroker?

To be an AP for a stockbroker, you need basic documentation and need to pay the fee. If you are an AP then: The number of demat accounts you open for a stockbroker by becoming their AP, they will share a percentage of brokerage charge with you.

What happens to stock prices when there is a scandal?

For instance, if there is any major scandal concerning the company, it’s stock prices can fall in a jiffy.

What to do if playback doesn’t begin?

If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What is the most important thing about being an entrepreneur?

One of the most important qualities of an entrepreneur is to be persevering and this is what is required for a sub-broker business as well.

How to become a Sub Broker?

You can seamlessly become a sub broker with any stock broker. The process would be a cake walk if you adhere to the steps we have drafted below.

Documents Required in the process of becoming a Sub Broker

If you find yourself in a fix and want instant information on documents required, this section would help you out. We suggest you keep all the necessary documents ready, so the joining process becomes absolutely feasible.

Conclusion – Start a Stock Market Franchise

Become a sub broker and opt for a Stock Market Franchise model, to begin your own business. People often want to start their business but its profitability and perks are often doubtful.

Who is a Share Market Sub Broker or Stock Broker Partner?

A Stock Market Sub broker or Stock broker partner is a Franchisee company who takes stock broking franchise from the franchiser.

How does a Sub Broker Income gets Calculated?

The Sub Brokers Income gets calculated based on revenue sharing model it strikes with the Broking house.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to Become a Sub Broker?

Minimum he should be 12th pass, but ideally a person should be graduation degree holder.

What are the keys to success in Sub Broker Business?

In order to succeed in stock broking franchise do the below things with discipline.

What is an authorized person in SEBI?

An Authorized Person or Sub Broker is a concept where any SEBI registered Stock Broker can provide its franchise to any company or person who is willing to follow all rules & regulations of SEBI & have good network of investors to act as a sub broker on behalf of the franchiser.

What does a franchiser do for a sub broker?

The franchiser being a large organization also help the sub broker with all sorts of marketing support like providing banners, leaflets, hoardings for their branches.

How long does it take to get a broking house franchise?

He talks about the charges and the procedure. Generally, it takes 15 to 20 working days for the franchise agreement to complete.

How to Become a Stock Broker Abroad?

As there is no prescribed course for pursuing a career as a Stock Broker, Students from any background can become a Stock Broker. However candidates can pursue finance courses like BBA and MBA.

What is a stock broker?

A stockbroker acts as an agent on behalf of their clients, making stock transactions. A securities sales agent, or a securities and commodities sales agent, is another name for them. “Stockbroking” is the practice of buying and selling stocks or other securities. Discount brokers, real estate brokers, and full-service brokers are the three types of stockbrokers in the sector.

How many semesters are there in a BBA in finance?

The BBA in Finance, is a three-year graduate programme in finance. There are two semesters in each year. The BBA Finance graduation programme is divided into six semesters, each of which lasts six months.

What do I need to do to become a stockbroker in India?

To join, you must first pass a written entrance exam, in which you must complete training in subjects such as accounting, capital markets, equity and portfolio analysis, and so on.

Why is it important to protect your job as a stockbroker?

Job protection is one of the advantages of working as a stockbroker. Stockbrokers will still be in demand as long as there are capital markets. Even with the advent of algorithmic trading and day trading, this remains true. As a stockbroker, you’ll never have to think about getting laid off. This is particularly true if you are popular in the financial industry and become well-known.

What is required to be a member of the BSE?

You must obtain a BSE derivatives exchange certification as well as an NSE Financial Markets certification.

How does a stockbroker’s salary change over time?

The pay of a stockbroker increases over time as they gain more experience and training in the industry. A Stockbroker’s salary is determined by a variety of variables, including experience and efficiency. For Stockbroker and other relevant job positions, the following salary levels are provided:

Career As Sub Broker

Today, less than 2% of Indians actively invest in stock market-linked instruments. With an increase in awareness, falling fixed deposit rates, and less than expected performance in real estate, there is a huge untapped potential for an increase in investment inflows into financial assets.


As a partner, you’ll be tapping into this potential market and help spread the reach of capital markets across the nation!

How To Refer Client to Stock Broker

Sub-broker may have additional features due to the number of leads generated or converted by him/her.

Brokerage Sharing & Incentives

The percentage of Brokerage Sharing payout/referral fee shall be agreed to between You and Stock Broker, which are subject to change from time to time.

Access to Leads Tracking Tool

As soon as your Application is confirmed by Stock Broker as a Sub/Introducer/Partner / Authorised Person, You will get access to a lead management platform, [The “? Leads Tracking Tool ?” or “? Partner Portal ?”].

What Is a Stockbroker?

When Palacios got her career test results, a stockbroker was a more common role. Traditionally, a stockbroker was the person placing trades on an investor’s behalf. A stockbroker may also act as a salesperson, trying to drum up interest in a certain investment.

Should I Become a Stockbroker?

"The most important thing to consider, if you are thinking about becoming a stockbroker, is not the licenses," Simpson says. It’s how you want to serve the clients you work with.

What did Angela Palacios do in high school?

Angela Palacios began her journey into personal finance when her high school career test said her No. 1 career match was as a stockbroker. She took this feedback and started down an educational path of economics, business, communications and finance, all the subjects a stockbroker would need to excel.

What is a common team structure for a stockbroker?

"A common team structure is composed of one or more lead wealth managers (financial planners or financial advisors), investment-focused personnel, associate financial planners or paraplanners and client service associates."

What is client service associate?

You can start as a client service associate, a role that is available at a variety of wealth management firms from independent registered investment advisors to banks to broker-dealers.

Why do you want to get your first job as part of a team?

Get your first job as part of a team so you can learn from other industry professionals.

Is a stockbroker still a financial advisor?

While the role of stockbrokers is changing as investors become increasingly autonomous, the position can still be found at some brokerages. That said, what may begin as a job as a stockbroker often morphs into a career as a financial advisor or planner.

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