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Prices are different for sheep of a different breed, age, size, and gender. Lambs are usually sold within the limits of$75 -$100. A younger non-registered ewe (two to four years of age), with no records of ancestry, is priced between $200 – $250. A purebred registered sheep may cost up to $500 plus.

What is the current price of sheep?

What is the current market price of sheep? The solution: You need to learn to read a market report. The current price for 80 pound lambs is $2.75-3.325 per pound live weight.

How much does it cost to raise a sheep?

We will also be angling our discussion towards the intentions of generating a profit from keeping sheep, even if it’s just to at least reclaim some cost from owning sheep you intend to keep as pets. Depending on the breed, and varying on your region, ewes (adult female sheep) will cost you about $200-250, to 3-400 each.

How much do sheep sell for?

What is the market price of sheep? On average, expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $75 for an ordinary common sheep to as much as $275 to $400 for a purebred sheep commonly found at a fair. The cost will depend on the variety, age, quality, weight, gender, who you purchase one from and where the breeder lives.

How to get started in raising sheep?

Sheep always tend to move toward other sheep and follow others in the flock. 19Sheep prefer to move uphill and toward open areas,away from confinement and buildings. 20Sheep can be herded better around gentle corners or curves where they cannot see what lies ahead.Sheep always move away from things that frighten them. 19

Bringing Home a New Sheep: One-Time Costs

When bringing home a sheep for the first time, there are quite a few up-front, one-time costs, like setting up adequate shelter and getting a vet checkup. While there are recurring costs, it’s likely that bringing your sheep home for the first time will cost you more in one sitting than it will again.

Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Sheep

How much your sheep costs monthly can vary significantly depending on the time of year and the type and age of sheep you own. Plan for some monthly expenses like food, bedding, and minor medical care. These expenses will likely come up in some regard every month.

Additional Costs to Factor In

If at any point you have to leave town, plan ahead of time for a pet sitter or someone who can keep an eye on your sheep for you. Finding someone knowledgeable about the care of sheep can be difficult and may be expensive.


The average monthly costs associated with owning a sheep are pretty affordable for most people. Planning ahead can save a lot of money and having backup funds for last minute expenses related to the care of your sheep and its environment will ensure that all of your sheep’s needs are met.

What is a pitchfork ewe 1142?

Pitchfork ewe 1142 PFR 1142 is a beautiful triplet lamb. She has SOR on the top and Pitchfork on the bottom. She has tons of eye appeal: long, up-headed, and a high luster incredibly soft fleece…See More Details

What is sheep milk used for?

Sheep milk, high in fat, is most often used in cheese and yogurt production. Wool has been a staple material for the textile industry for centuries and remains so today, though with increased competition from synthetic fibers. Sheep also remain a popular show animal for fairs and other competitions.

Can you filter sheep by breed?

You can also filter sheep by breed. Under Applied Filters toward the top left of this page, click Breed. You can then select any combination of breeds, such as American Blackbelly, Australian White, Awassi, Barbados Blackbelly, Cheviot, Dorper, Dorset, East Friesian, Gotland, Hampshire, Katahdin, Rambouillet, Royal White, Soay, Suffolk, Wensleydale, and White Suffolk, among others.

What are the extra costs?

As a general rule of thumb, plan on having at least one acre per five sheep and 25 square feet of indoor space per animal. This land should have adequate fencing and shelter to prevent predators, such as roaming dogs and coyotes, from entering their living quarters.

How much does a sheep cost?

How much do sheep cost? On average, expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $75 for an ordinary common sheep to as much as $275 to $400 for a purebred sheep commonly found at a fair.

How much did Danelle Wolford sell her lamb?

In her blog post, she said she had purchased a pregnant ewe for $125 and later sold an eweling, as a result of this pregnancy, for $70.

What is a triple purpose breed?

Like a dog or cat, the market is flooded with many different varieties, often broken down into the following categories: wool, meat, dual purpose and triple purpose breeds. A wool breed, for example, can include the Merino and Rambouillet, while the meat breeds can include the Cheviot, Southdown and Dorse. A dual purpose breed refers to just that: It can serve two purposes by providing both wool and meat. A triple purpose breed can do all three things: provide milk, wool and meat.

What do sheep eat?

Sheep commonly eat on hay and/or grain. Per sheep, plan on spending $5 to $9 per month for the hay and/or another $5 or so for the whole yellow corn grain. A mineral block or lick is also necessary to provide the trace minerals and salt for their diet.

Why do sheep have bells?

Mother Earth News recommends putting a bell on your sheep so you can hear them if they were being chased.

What is a lamb called?

One the market, you won’t necessarily see the term “sheep,” but instead, you will see the following: lambs, yearlings and ewes. If it’s less than a year old, it will be referred to as a lamb. If it’s one to two years old, then it will be considered a yearling. If it’s older than two years old, then it will be referred to as a ewe.

What if there are no markets close to you?

What about people who live too far away from an auction to ever go there? Hopefully, you thought of this before you got into sheep and have been working on a people to sell your lambs to.

Why are sheep market reports not informative?

If the market reports in your area are not very informative, it’s because there are not many lamb buyers or sellers who want the information. Note: there is information listed in this sheep report, including total head sold, rams sold and ewes sold.

What does CWT mean in auctions?

Secondly, realize that the price is per hundredweight, abbreviated as CWT. CWT means that the price you see is the price

How to know what lambs are selling for?

The best way to know the current selling price for lambs is to check your local (or as close to local as you can) auction market report.

How much less per pound are hair sheep than wool sheep?

From what I have seen around here, hair sheep lambs bring about $0.20-30 less per pound than wool lambs of the same quality.

What is an auction buyer?

Auction buyers are filling orders that vary weekly. Most of the buyers at an auction are reselling the lambs to others that have placed orders, like butcher shops, but do not want to attend the auction themselves. The shop places an order including: number of head, condition/weight and what they are willing to pay.

Why are lambs coming off pasture?

The glut of lambs coming off of pasture, due to grass shortages or the end of the grazing season, will lower prices. While this is the most popular time to sell lambs in our area, especially for people who have to buy winter hay, it is generally the lowest price of the year.

What do lambs eat?

Lamb creep feeding on a haylage bale. They go through a wide section in the pen divider to get to the haylage on the other side. This way the lambs can snack anytime they want!

How much does it cost to feed a sheep in Ohio?

We pasture our sheep as much as we can however in our area of Ohio we still get a winter hay feeding season. This generally costs us $50 per ewe in hay, figuring 1/4 ton each per year of $200 a ton hay.

What is the main income of sheep farmers?

Selling market lambs is the main income for sheep farmers in the U.S. Price varies with the time of year and the size of the lamb.

Why rotate dewormers?

For the deworming we rotate around between the dewormers labeled for sheep to prevent parasite resistance (the dewormer not working any more).

Why is a better ram the best use of your money?

A better ram will be the best use of your money because he is half of the genetics of the all the lambs to be born.

How much are clippers for sheep?

The clippers will be around $300 plus any additional blades will be $25 for the set (comb and cutter). Most farm stores that sell show supplies will have clippers available, be sure to get the ones for sheep since the cattle clippers are not the same blades.

Why sell breeding stock?

Selling breeding stock generates income. When you get your operation to where you have sheep that are well for you every year, now you could sell some breeding stock. Please keep in mind that breeding stock means better than average sheep that someone else will be counting on to help them get started in livestock.

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