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How much does a Digital Marketer make in United Kingdom? Average base salary27,499The average salary for a digital marketer is 27,499 per year in United Kingdom. 10.8k salaries reported, updated at 17 October 2022

What is the average salary for a digital marketing manager?

Salaries for digital marketing managers vary depending on their level of education and work experience as well as an employer’s industry, company size and geographical location. Common salary in the U.S.: $59,492 per year. Some salaries range from $14,000 to $139,000 per year.

How much can I earn as a digital marketer?

When you start as a junior digital marketer, your average salary will be around $40K per year and as you climb up the ladder, you can reach the maximum which is around $90K per year. If you want to get to a 6-figure salary then you need to exit the digital marketing space and pursue a managerial position.

How much should I invest in digital marketing?

Your business’s size and longevity will often determine how much you can realistically afford to spend on digital marketing. Typically, if you are looking to maintain your place in the market, you should be spending roughly 2-5% of your revenue on marketing.

How much does digital marketing really cost?

With our digital marketing pricing guide, you can find out what your company should pay when working with an agency or a consultant. Spoiler — the average cost for digital marketing services in 2021 ranges from $2500 to $12,000 per month for small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs).

Social Media Manager (SMM)

This role requires an excellent knowledge of how social media reaches people and how you can curate a company’s social media content to reach its core customer base and build rapport.

Web Data Analyst

A web data analyst uses data to gain insight into online customer/audience behaviour and opinion. This data is then presented to the marketing team, who use it to boost traffic and sales.

Digital Advertising Manager

As a digital advertising manager, you’ll manage digital advertising campaigns, keeping an eye on ads’ ROI (return on investment) and tweaking them to get the best returns.

Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager’s role is to develop and complete marketing projects that align with their organisation’s goals and values. Most digital marketing managers specialise in brand awareness, customer loyalty and sales through events and campaigns.

Digital Marketing Director

When you’re well established in your digital marketing career, you may set your sights on becoming Digital Marketing Director at a larger organisation. These positions are sought-after and generally the epitome of your digital marketing career.

Become a Digital Marketing Expert

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Top Ten Digital Marketing Statistics UK

Digital marketing spending in the UK grew by 9.6% between 2020 and 2021.

Digital Marketing Statistics UK

It’s no secret that digital marketing has been gaining importance. Over the past decade, spending on digital marketing has far surpassed spending on traditional or offline marketing.

Wrap Up

Digital marketing UK is evidently on the rise while traditional forms of marketing are waning. Several reasons contribute to the increase in digital marketing, such as effective targeting, increasing audience size, relative cost-effectiveness, and more.

What Does a Freelance Digital Marketer Do?

The role of a freelance digital marketer is to use a variety of digital channels to promote, engage and convert. A key objective is to use digital to communicate with prospects and existing customers.

How much does a digital marketing manager make?

Let’s take a look at how much digital marketing managers are making across the world, because as a freelance digital marketer—you can work from anywhere in the world! The average salary for a freelance digital marketer in the US is $66,206 a year.

How many online buyers are there in 2019?

Freelance digital marketers have a great job outlook in the next ten to twenty years. There are 1.9 billion online buyers expected in 2019, and that number is projected to grow to 2.14 billion by 2021.

Why do businesses use Facebook ads?

Some businesses base their entire marketing strategy on Facebook Ads because it is a powerful tool . It can be intimidating to the uninitiated, but a master of this craft has unlimited potential to attract clients.

What is content marketing?

Content Marketing. Writing relevant, value-driven content using keywords. It is an in-demand skill as more companies recognize the importance of providing value.

Is digital marketing growing?

Digital Marketing. The demand for digital marketers is growing at such a rate that there are more jobs than people with the necessary skills to fill them. This is making way for a new kind of entrepreneur, the freelance digital marketer. There are a plethora of possibilities emerging in this field for those who are willing to dive in feet first.

Is digital marketing fast paced?

This is such a new and fast-paced industry; there just aren’t enough qualified professionals to meet the demand. Digital marketing managers have so many aspects that make up the day-to-day requirements of their job, that in order to fill the gap between need versus availability, savvy freelancers are honing in on what they are good at and getting paid for it.

Is a digital marketing manager one of the highest-paid marketing jobs?

Compared to the salaries of other digital marketing professionals, the salary of a digital marketing manager is higher, and in some cases, it can even pass the $100K per year.

What does a digital marketer need to know?

Unlike other marketing jobs, a digital marketer needs to know how to work with a number of digital channels and if you have spent all your time becoming an expert in only one area, that’s not going to increase your salary.

How much does an SEO expert make?

For example, if you’re good at SEO and over the years you’ve become an SEO expert, the maximum salary you can get is $68K compared to the average of $90K that a digital marketer makes.

How do freelancers work?

Freelancers usually work from home and support their clients remotely using Skype, email, and other collaboration tools. Unlike digital marketers that are part of a bigger team, a freelancer needs to have a broad range of skills to satisfy all client requirements.

How much does a digital marketing professional make?

The salary of digital marketing professionals is between $40K and $90K per year. Find out which are the best paid digital marketing jobs.

What does reputation mean in marketing?

Reputation in this context has to do with your personal brand as a professional. Digital marketers that are known and respected in the industry can charge more for their services or request a higher salary when working for a digital marketing agency.

Why is it important to keep track of your success stories?

Keeping track of your success stories can get you a higher salary and a better position when switching jobs.

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