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What are the best books on how markets fail?

A Study of Market Failures in the Globalized Economy with Commentary: A Comparative Review of How Markets Fail: The Logic of Economic Calamities and Freefall: America, Free Markets, and the Sinking of the World Economy

Is’how markets fail’the end of’utopian economics’?

Full of wit, sense and, above all, a deeper understanding, How Markets Fail argues for the end of ‘utopian’ economics, and the beginning… Expand

Why do markets fail?

“How Markets Fail Summary”. Creditworthy institutions and individuals could no longer afford such interest rates because of the plunge in the economy, further provoked by the mortgage mess. The lending between banks was put on hold, which generated lower bond yields.

Is market failure a reason for state intervention?

Abstract The concept of market failure articulates what is recognized by most economists as a set of legitimate reasons for state intervention. Contrary to mainstream economic thought, however, the… Expand The articles in these volumes raise a number of important issues that deserve more elaboration in future scholarship.

Adam Smith – The creator of free markets

He advocated for limiting the banks’ freedom of “movement” and focus more on prompting market equilibrium.

The uncertainty of stocks

Empirical analysis indicates that stock prices are guided by the momentum, tending to move in various directions depending on the external and internal circumstances.

New times require new measures

Without making significant reforms, the financial sector will always be prone to crisis and uncontrollable inflation.

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