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As of 2019,the company operates49Cardenas stores and seven Los Altos Ranch Markets stores in California,Arizona,and Nevada. [1]Cardenas began in 1981 when Jess Crdenas,a farmworker from Jalisco,and his wife Luz opened their first grocery store in Ontario. [1]Founded:1981 (California), 1998 (Nevada and Arizona)Headquarters:Ontario, California, United StatesIndustry:RetailProducts:Meat, produce, seafood, flowers, baked goods

How many Cardenas stores are there in California?

Ontario, Calif.-based Cardenas currently operates 51 stores under the Cardenas Markets banner, seven stores under the Los Altos Ranch Markets banner and one store under Cardenas Ranch Markets banner, with locations across California, Nevada and Arizona. Earlier this month, the grocer also acquired six Rio Ranch Market stores in Southern California.

Who is Cardenas markets owned by?

Funds managed by global alternative asset manager Apollo have agreed to acquire Hispanic grocer Cardenas Markets from investment funds affiliated with international investment firm KKR.

How many people can the Cardenas markets recipe book feed?

Add a little flavor to your holidays with the Cardenas Markets Recipe Book! Five delicious holiday dinner options which can feed up to 12 people. Learn How To Make Tamales! Our Holiday Recipe Book is Back! Sign up for our unique recipes, weekly deals and promotions. Get authentic Cardenas flavors your way!

When does the Cardenas markets 5 day sale start?

Our 5 Day Sale starts December 29th, 2021 and runs through January 2nd, 2022. Learn How To Make Tamales! View the ingredients list and easily follow along with Griselda and Adam! Give the gift of flavor! Our Holiday Recipe Book is Back! Add a little flavor to your holidays with the Cardenas Markets Recipe Book!

What is Cardenas Markets Foundation?

The Cardenas Markets Foundation is committed to helping students advance their educational goals.

What is Cardenas Markets?

The Cardenas Markets is passionate about advancing initiatives and causes aimed at improving the quality of life for children in our local communities.

How many scholarships will be awarded in 2021?

For the 2021 – 2022 academic year, 60 scholarships totaling $120,000 were awarded to students based on their academic qualifications, financial need, leadership attributes and commitment to serving their local community.

Is Cardenas Markets a 501c3?

Cardenas Markets Foundation. Our Mission – The Cardenas Markets Foundation is a stand-alone, 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization noted for its charitable efforts that positively impact the lives of those in the areas Cardenas Markets serves.

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