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How Low Can the Stock Market Go? In theory,there isno limitto how far the stock market can decline. The stock market crash of 1929 ended up with an almost 90 percent loss of market value when that bear market was finished. Although investors expect the market to increase over time,values can and do drop.

Will the market continue dropping?

The current valuations in the US stock markets have no future. They are going to give negative returns for the next three to five years if all this continues the way it is going. Then as the federal reserve has promised that there will be two hikes in 2023 that will throttle the markets like never before.

How low could the stock market go?

the market. Speculative stocks, and those stocks that are not profitable, or close to being profitable, would have a much lower possible bottom. So a typical broad relative price scenario relationship might be that if the value stock goes down 10%, the speculative stock may go down 20% or more. A third angle for predicting a stock market price floor:

Why are stocks going down?

Uncertainty about Fed policy, weak company earnings, and geopolitical tensions are key factors. We lay out this investor triple-whammy and why exactly stocks are down so sharply. Get the inside scoop on what traders are talking about — delivered daily to your inbox. Something is loading.

Who is the best stock predictor?

James Dines,founder of The Dines Letter. …Ben Zacks,a co-founder of well-known Zacks Investment Research and senior strategist and portfolio manager at Zacks Wealth Management Group. …Bob Brinker,host of the widely syndicated MoneyTalk radio program and editor of the Marketimer newsletter. …More items…

What happens to money when it goes back into stocks?

back into stocks. The money goes into interest

Where does the money stay in the stock market?

stocks. But the money will largely stay in the equity

Is a financial consultation free?

consultation is free. If you have a financial issue

Does speculative tech pay?

speculative tech stock may pay none. So the 4%

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