how is the current housing market

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kayeswain.comImage: kayeswain.comIn other words,consumers largely agree that the currenthousing market favors home sellers. These findings align with inventory data showing that homeowners may be acting on these conditions. Year-over-year inventory growth for the first time since mid-2019,with newly listed homes rising by 6.3% on a year-over-year basis.

How bad is the housing market?

The U.S. housing market is suffering from a supply crunch. data tells us that the inventory of homes for sale dropped 12% in December, which was the biggest annual decline in three years. Concurrently, there was an 11.2% drop in new property listings. All of this led to a 3% jump in the median listing price to just under $300,000.

What is going to happen to the housing market?

“We will expect to see prices rising at extremely high levels for the first few months of 2022 before beginning to taper off towards more normal levels.” Most experts say housing demand will stay…

How to fix the housing market?

Instead of just bolstering demand, policies that focusing on increasing supply – such as tax incentives that encourage owners to sell and builders to build – is what the U.S. housing market desperately needs.

What’s going on with the housing market?

Stubbornly low numbers of homes for sale continue to push prices higher and mortgage rates are rising faster than they have in decades. That has put the squeeze on home buyers and the real estate market. Indeed, some researchers and economists believe the markethas begun to show evidence of a housingbubble.

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