how i made 2000000 in the stock market

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How I made $2 million in the stock market?

At this famous battle 61 fDuring the Baby-Bear Market How I Made $ 2,000,000 In The Stock Market Rothschild had an agent who, as soon as victory was certain, set off for London and informed Rothschild. Rothschild started buying every British government share he could before anyone else heard the news.

How do I apply my theory to stock markets?

This is how I applied my theory: When the boxes of a stock in which I was interested stood, like a pyramid, on top of each other, and my stock was in the highest box, I started to watch it. It could bounce between the top and the bottom of the box and I was perfectly satisfied.

How many shares of Bruce stock were traded during the crash?

The volume was terrific, and more than 275,000 Bruce shares were traded during a period of ten weeks. The short-sellers who had so misjudged the market jostled each other to push the stock to dizzy heights in their frantic efforts to buy it.

What was the stock that I was constantly jumping in and out?

From November 1954 to March 1955 I was constantly jumping in and out of a stock called RAYONIER, which in an eight-month period went from approximately 50 to 100.

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Before emigrating to America, Darvas studied economics at the University of Budapest. Arriving in the US in 1951, Darvas trained with his half-sister, Julia, to be a ballroom dancer, becoming extremely succesful and touring the world by 1956.

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The author was a dancer, self tought investor. He tried various methods like fundamental analysis when he was in world tour giving performance in various countries but those didnt give results .so He invented his own box theory for selection of stocks even then there were some drawbacks later he rectified those.

How much did Darvas make in 18 months?

He learned by doing. And he chronicles his progress, all the mistakes he made along the way, where his thinking went wrong, and how he eventually developed his own theory which made him $2 million in 18 months, starting with a stake of less than $25,000. Darvas got involved in the stock market quite by accident.

What did Darvas learn about the stock market?

The individual stocks told him the story by their behavior. And he learned you can’t get emotional about the market. “I accepted everything for what it was – not what I wanted it to be.

What is Darvas’s method of investing?

But Darvas didn’t give up. And he went on to develop his own method of investing, a largely technical approach. He calls it the box theory and it works like this. He noticed that stocks fluctuate and stocks in an upwards trend will often pause and take a breather, fluctuating within a range. A box he called it. And he noticed that when the stock broke out of this box to the upside, it tended to go up further. And if it broke out to the downside, the trend was often broken.

What did the mini bear discover?

It was during this mini-bear that he made an important discovery. He read the stock reports daily. He noticed some stocks gave ground grudgingly, fighting the down trend. Checking these stocks further, he discovered they were growing earnings. “Capital was flowing into these stocks, even in a bad market. This capital was following earning improvements as a dog follows a scent.”

How much did Rayonier make on Rayonier?

He subscribed to newsletters. He read books. He tried fundamental analysis. And he over-traded like crazy. When Rayonier went from $50 to $100, he was in and out three times picking up $5 here, $8 there and $2 in his last trade. He made $13 a share on Rayonier instead of $50.

How much money did Nicolas Darvas make in 2 years?

He tried different strategies until he found the one which started working for him. He made $2 million dollars in less than 2 years. However, he spent 5 years to arrive at his method. The book is easy to understand and his method looks simple on paper, but would not be so easy to follow. The biggest lesson was that you have to be consistent in your investment strategy and try to keep things simple.

How old are investing classics?

also unique in that it took place in the last quarter of the century, as opposed to many "investing classics" which are over 50 or 70 years old now.

The Less Known

Nicolas Darvas is a Hungarian by birth. He studied economics in Budapest before emigrating to the United States when the Soviet Union took over Hungary. He fled through Turkey with only 50 pounds sterling and a forged exit visa.

Avid Reader

While on a tour, Darvas was still reading trading books up to 8 hours a day. He is claimed to have read over 200 books on the market during off hours.

What I Have Learnt After Reading His Book

So much wisdom is collected in those pages. I do highly recommend that you find this book and read it as soon as you can. Here is a LINK, but you can also do your own research if you want a different version of the book.

Trading in Boxes

What Nicolas Darvas is best known for is his trading style or trading in boxes. He would find what nowadays is described as support and resistance and trade off these levels.

4 Major Principles

The following four principles were essential for Darvas. He sticked to them as hard as humanly possible. These thoughts and principles were born at a turning point in his career.

Write it Down

The more experienced Darvas was becoming, the more new principles he was learning. He was always writing down his thoughts and reasons for buying/selling a certain stock. In his own words:


To sum it all up, Darvas was a man of many interests. Not only he was a gifted dancer and showman, but he was also one of the greatest traders that I have read about. His trading style was simple, yet efficient and his words are the words of a wise man.

Would You Like To Trade Like Nicolas Darvas?

I love to read about how people made their fortune. If you’d like to learn more about how Darvas’ Box Theory made him his fortune then you can get the book here.

How much did Darvas make from his box theory?

This lead him to develop his Box Theory which was the backbone of his strategy which went on to make him $2,000,000.

Did Darvas get rich from tips?

But after a painful period of jumping in and out of these tipped stocks, racking up nothing but losses, he realised that he could never get rich trading from tips and rumours.

About the Author

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