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What is video game marketing and how does it work?

More than anything, marketing harnesses information, and the video game industry has a ton of it. Video game marketing takes trends, popular game mechanics, and more and harness it into an effective advertising campaign. Video game marketing is no longer limited to magazines like Game Informer or sites like GameSpot.

Why do I need to market my game?

That’s why indie marketing needs to be harnessed to the fullest extent of its ability to get your game to the masses and maybe, make a profit in the process. Why Do I Need to Market My Game? The simple answer: So people will know about it and buy it! Where Do I Start With Marketing My Game?

How to Market Your Indie Game?

This is the method of video game marketing in which you directly reach out to groups and individuals about your product. You can do this by making posts online, emailing potentially interested parties, and more. Let’s form a basic outline of what the primary plan for indie game marketing should be for you and your project.

Do you have the right marketing team for your gaming business?

If you want your marketing to succeed then it is essential that you have the right marketing team in place. At Game Marketing Genie, we have a powerful team of professional digital marketers, detailed content creators, growth hackers, data science specialists, detail-oriented managers and more.

What is ASO in game marketing?

App store optimization (ASO) is a video game marketing strategy, which after running through a series of tactics, allows you to position your game to boost its ranking and visibility. Using the right ASO tactics, there is a higher chance that your game will be discoverable in the app store’s search results and you can subsequently drive traffic to your game’s page and convert visitors into players.

What is Game Marketing Genie?

Here at Game Marketing Genie, we are on a quest to help companies in the gaming industry discover their potential and get the players and customers they seek.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencers are king when it comes to marketing to millennial audiences and getting your game in front of the right person can result in exposure to thousands, even millions of potential customers. Most influencers run on a ‘promotion for cash’ type basis, so this could cost you a bit depending on how big their audience is.

What type of media do gamers use?

Podcasts are a preferred type of media for many gamers as they can get exciting news and updates through their headphones or stereo, as well as listening to conversational reviews about games.

What happens if you don’t have a good game marketing strategy?

If you don’t have a good video game marketing strategy in place, your game will get lost in the void and all that time, money, and effort will go to waste.

What is a subreddit?

A subreddit is a kind of theme or category on where you can post content about your game, but it’s not necessarily as simple as posting wherever you think. Tavrox, a game developer and marketer, shares some great advice in his article on How to Post your Game on Reddit.

How to create a blog for a game?

Creating a blog on your website is one of the most reliable long-term investments and is beneficial for several reasons. It allows you to: 1 Increase traffic to your site using SEO. 2 Attract new players and attract more press. 3 Show and tell people about your game (s). 4 Turn your website into a place where people want to spend some time reading valuable and interesting articles that you have created. 5 Bring in new players well after your official launch date.

What is game marketing?

The gaming industry is continuously expanding, and is set to grow to an outstanding global value of more than 200 billion US dollars by 2023. With numerous games being introduced to a variety of different platforms and genres every year, there are an increasing number of choices for players. This means that without an effective strategy in place, your game will be lost in the sea of forgotten games.

What is subscription economy?

The subscription economy describes the trend in which buyers are increasingly opting for a recurring payment over an outright purchase. This payment gives them access to a catalog of content at a set (usually monthly) price, and this content is often updated.

Why is brand trust important?

Brand trust is an essential asset that every business needs if they wish to establish themselves as an authority in their industry. However, this takes a long time to generate and can be lost in an instant.

What is VR gaming?

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are two of the most common new gaming styles. From PC to mobile, these new ways to play games have revolutionized the gaming industry and offered us a new way to engage.

Why is every season important?

Every season presents the chance to use some unique opportunities to make your marketing a success. Even if your business and games aren’t season-based, your customers will react to different events and sales in ways that you can use to your advantage.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a major player in the video gaming industry, as it is flooded with high profile streamers, YouTubers, game reviewers and more. We cannot recommend this strategy enough, especially if you need you game to break into the market.

Why is digital marketing important for games?

When marketing your game, digital strategies are the best since the target consumers can be reached easily through these mediums. It’s also more affordable than traditional advertising as it allows developers to target specific audiences with creative marketing campaigns.

What is the purpose of the paper based questionnaire?

The purpose of this paper-based questionnaire was to find out how gamers purchase multi-platform video games for video game consoles. This questionnaire was distributed among video games design students who were enrolled at Staffordshire University on two separate occasions. There were a total of 37 responses.

What is an online survey?

An online survey was then created. The purpose of the online survey was to find out which sources of information gamers consult before they purchase a video game. An online survey was distributed via Facebook to the following video games groups:

What is EGX framework?

The framework is composed of 7 different traits commonly found in AAA video games. The official EGX website was used as a benchmark as it categorises industry-recognized video games into AAA and indie games. A number of modern video games were examined, including Call of Duty Black Ops 3 (Activision 2015), Destiny (Activision, 2015), FIFA 16 (EA, 2015), Halo 5: Guardians (Microsoft Studios, 2015) Just Cause 3 (Square Enix, 2015), Mirrors Edge Catalyst (EA, 2016), and Mario Kart 8 (Nintendo, 2014). Traits common to these games were noted and then assembled into the framework.

What is an indie game?

The definition of an indie video game is a contentious issue among developers. There is a consensus that the term ‘indie’ is a contraction of the words ‘independent developer’, which is used to describe a video game that is developed by an individual, or by a studio with a small number of developers; such a game is an independently owned property that is created without a large amount of financial backing or oversight from a publisher. ‘Indie’ developers are often able to pursue passion projects or experiment with different ideas without the supervision of a publisher and with little risk of financial failure. Boyd ( 2012 ), co-developer of Cthulhu Saves the World (Zeboyd Games 2010) said that an indie developer is “…an individual or small group that is not owned by another company that makes games. An indie game is a game made by an indie developer, simple as that.” Adam Saltman ( 2012 ), developer of Canabalt ( 2009 ), expressed a similar opinion:

What is AAA video game?

‘AAA’ (or triple-A) is a classification term that is used within the video games industry and the gaming community. The term refers to video game titles that require a large production and marketing budget. An AAA video game is produced by a dedicated and diverse development team. However, this is not a rigid definition. Wong ( 2015) provides this definition of an AAA video game:

What Is Video Game Marketing?

If you have ever seen a trailer for a game, movie, or show (and the chances are good that you have), then you have taken part in the marketing process. But how?

Why is indie marketing important?

That’s why indie marketing needs to be harnessed to the fullest extent of its ability to get your game to the masses and maybe, make a profit in the process.

How do video games get funded?

Many video games get funding through different publishing companies. Recently, there has been an indie game boom in which the developers themselves pay for the game’s development or acquire Kickstarter donations.

What is Play My Game?

Play My Game – A place for indie developers to share their games!

What is the audience of an indie game?

Think of your ideal demographic to cater to. This is one of the pillars of indie game marketing. The audience should ideally be a dedicated and passionate fanbase. With the enthusiasm of a small subset of gamers, you have an unexpectedly powerful tool in your arsenal.

Why is it important to have a passionate fanbase?

A passionate fanbase can easily sway the chances of future success in your favor. There have been thousands of successful Kickstarter campaigns fueled solely on the anticipation and interest of fans.

What does it mean when someone purchases your game?

They’ve purchased your game, communicating that they’re interested in this project and the future improvements and successes. You need to keep the community updated as much as possible.

How many times has Meet the Medic been watched?

One of which was the “Meet the Medic” video as seen below, which has been watched over 49 million times! Creating content that adds value and context to what already exists in the game is certainly a great way to give more to current fans, whilst also attracting new ones.

Does Rockstar Games have hype?

The reputation of Rockstar Games alone is enough to generate hype for their upcoming games, however the developer also amplifies their game announcements by releasing vague teaser images prior to the new game’s announcement.

Is Borderlands 2 a limited edition?

Few games are as stylised as the Borderlands series, and fewer manage to translate their style so well into a limited edition bund le. With the Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest, the box and the contents within were all designed to perfection.

Is it worth teasing your audience?

This tactic of slowly teasing your audience to generate hype isn’t something that many companies can utilise, but if you’ve for the reputation for it, it’s worth considering.

Who developed Deep Silver’s Dead Island?

With that in mind, Deep Silver’s Dead Island (developed by Techland) managed to jump this seemingly massive hurdle with a fantastic cinematic announcement trailer.

What happened to video games in 1983?

Many companies went bankrupt, and between 1983 and 1985, video-game revenue in North America fell from $3.2 billion to $100 million.

What would happen if the gaming industry had continued in this fashion?

If the gaming industry had continued in this fashion, then it could well have been one of the first truly equal professions, and we could have grown up with many iconic female leads in the artform . So what changed? When did video games start being marketing toward boys?

Why did video games have to be re-marketed?

But to get everyone buying video games again, gaming had to be re-marketed, as developers could no longer afford to appeal to a wide demographic, but had to focus on a specific group. This lead to video games being re-branded, going from electronic entertainment to toys.

What did girls do in the 70s?

back in the 70’s, 80’s most girls still flocked to dolls, roller skates, and jump rope and other social gatherings with friends.

Why did Nintendo make the official Nintendo Seal of Quality?

In order to build some faith in the industry, Nintendo introduced its own "Official Nintendo Seal of Quality,” a promise to players that its games would be of high quality and well made. This was used to help sell its first console, the Nintendo Entertainment System.

When did the gaming industry start?

When the gaming industry first kicked off in the 1970s, they weren’t marketed toward a specific gender but as family entertainment. Early games such as Pong and Computer Space were considered unisex and never marketed toward boys. Atari’s first female games developer, Carol Shaw, began her work in the late ’70s, …

Is Gamergate marketed towards males?

So games are marketed towards males. Is it stopping female from playing them. Gamergate had nothing to do with harassing women. FBI investigation has already proved that. Gamergate was about fighting the unethical journalism.I dont know what group of teenage boy you ask but they do not represent the gaming community. The gaming community is the most open and inclusive community. Everybody regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual preference, whether you identify as male, female, nonbinary or attack helicopter you are welcomed.

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