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How do I contact Don Wes flea market?

Don-Wes Flea Market (956) 464-3502 Welcome! There’s never a dull moment at one of Donna’s landmark. Every season especially during the winter months, thousands of visitors and locals make their way to the Don Wes Flea Market to buy souvenirs, trinkets, or even have a bite to eat.

What happened to the Don-Wes flea market?

DONNA, Texas ( ValleyCentral) — The Don-Wes Flea Market was consumed by a fire on July 16, and fire officials learned new details about the blaze that left the longstanding market destroyed. “This was an old building; it was over a hundred years old.

What is there to do at a flea market?

Fresh fruit veggie vendor, fun little bar and restaurant inside, and a vendor that makes the best donuts! Other than that, it is a regular flea market.

What is a flea market like in Mexico?

A different kind of flea market. Lots of vendors. Restaurant with a bar and there is live music. Has a Mexican feel to it. There’s lots of stuff be and used.

Where to go to see the Mexican flea market?

If you want to experience the real Mexican flea market, you need to visit one of the others. Mercadome Market (w/bands on the weekends), River Market (in Hidalgo — the parking lot butts up against the border fence), and Ochoa’s Market, plus some smaller ones.

Is Don Wes Flea Market fun?

Don Wes Flea Market is always a fun place to go with friends or just to meet new people. Vendors are great to talk to and usually knowledgeable about their wares. Don’t forget the on-site entertainment and restaurant.

Is Niciest flea market clean?

Niciest flea market around. Clean and friendly. Ausome restaurant and live music. Vendors are friendly and owners are great people. It is always a pleasure to shop and sell there. I enjoy it every year and I’m from South Carolina.

Can dogs be on leashes?

Yes they are. I have seen many dogs on leashes there

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