does richmond night market take debit

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A: Many vendors accept cash only. There are ATMs available, but they do charge fees. Additionally, the night market heavily advertises you can use the “HelloChat” app as a form of payment instead of cash.Some vendors do accept credit/debit cardsas well.

What is the Richmond Night Market?

The Richmond Night Market is an event that is often compared to a festival or carnival. But it only runs during the summer months in British Columbia – from the end of April to the first week of October (dates change slightly every year). The market’s first year was in the summer of 2000 and back then, it was a much smaller event.

Where is the best night market in Vancouver BC?

The Richmond Night Market is the perfect place to go if you are looking to taste delicious food and check out some retail vendors during the summer in Vancouver, BC. The Richmond Night Market is the largest Night Market in all of North America!

Can I Drive my Car to the Richmond Night Market?

On that note, if you still want to drive your car, you may want to know about parking. Parking at the Richmond Night Market is available and free, but that is not the only factor to consider. While there is parking available, it is limited and VERY popular. It is best to either arrive early or really late into the night.

Where can I find Jello duck in the night market?

With treats by the “DUCK” load, this little Taste of Heaven is right in the middle of the Night Market, just look for the 30 foot Duck! Taking Sweet to the “NEST” level, the Angel Duck Caf features Jello Duck treats and Donut lollipops.

Where is the Richmond Night Market?

Located on the corner of Number 3 and River Road, Richmond Night Market is just one block from the Bridgeport Canada Line Station and next to the River Rock Casino. If you want to avoid the traffic, make sure to arrive early. Parking is free, but limited.

Can four legged friends join you at Richmond Night Market?

Not to be left out… your four legged friends can now join you at Richmond Night Market.

Can you bring a dog to the food court?

One pet per couple. Large dogs should wear a mussel, and due to Health Department regulations, dogs will not be allowed in the Food Court area.

How to sell a zoom pass?

They have people who are selling the at the entrance to the zoom pass line from the parking lot towards the right. So, once you park, look for the sign that says zoom pass, and the you will are volunteers selling them. There is still a line up but with the pass, it goes faster as you don’t have to line up at the kiosk line where people are buying tickets. The card has 6 entries, so if you have multiple people in your party, you can have up to 6 people on the same pass. They just punch the card for the number of passes used.

How often do you go to the Richmond Night Market?

I go to the Richmond Night Market about once a year. For tourists, it’s best described as an Asian-style annual state fair/market. You can go once, and say you went for the experience, and not go back for another year (if at all)

What is the purpose of herded thru rows of tents shilling cheap garbage?

Herded thru rows of tents shilling cheap garbage, designed to make you wait in line after line till you break, and spend money at the nearest vendor to keep your sanity.

Do food vendors take cash?

Most of the food stalls and games are cash only due to the crowds and long lines everywhere. However, some of the shop vendors take Visa, MC.

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