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What is content marketing for a/E/C firms in 2021?

Content marketing for A/E/C firms is all about sharing knowledge and best practices—not selling or talking about your firm—in order to attract prospects and build trust. In 2021, this philosophy should be applied to virtually every piece of content you create, whether that’s your emails, blog articles, social media updates or proposals.

What are today’s buyers looking for in an A/E/C partner?

While budgets and price will always play a role, today’s buyers are increasingly looking for their A/E/C partners to add value and provide them with an exceptional experience, from all phases of the relationship.

What is a proposal in a/E/C marketing?

Move beyond a proposal-centric, project-pursuit only approach to A/E/C marketing In the A/E/C world, proposals are synonymous with marketing. Outside of the A/E/C world, proposals are a product of the sales department, not the marketing department.

What Is AEC Marketing?

AEC marketing is the strategy Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firms use to market their businesses, both in-person and online. AEC marketing can be a combination of inbound and outbound marketing activities. However, the long-held belief that AEC companies still rely on traditional or “old school” marketing activities is alive and well.

Why AEC Marketing Is Important

So why is it so important to market your AEC business online? Because that’s where your prospects are researching your company’s services. Your website must be positioned to attract visitors and turn those visitors into viable leads.

The Top 4 AEC Marketing Essentials for 2021

Consumers and decision-makers have more agency than ever before when it comes to researching products or services. The power in the buyer’s journey used to lie with the sales representative. Now it rests with the buyer. Decision-makers in the AEC fields don’t want to be sold to.

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Taylor Rennick is an experienced marketing professional, specializing in digital content creation and strategy, email marketing, and website optimization. Taylor has helped several clients increase their online conversion rates, leading to double-digit revenue growth in several markets.

What is agile marketing?

So what exactly is agile marketing? I like this definition from Workfront: “a tactical marketing approach in which teams identify and focus their collective efforts on high value projects, complete those projects cooperatively, measure their impact, and then continuously and incrementally improve the results over time.” An agile approach to marketing involves prioritizing initiatives that will ensure the highest rate of return, rather than simply responding to the squeakiest wheel or treating every request with the same level of importance. And most importantly, adopting an agile marketing mindset will help your team continuously look for ways to optimize and improve your efforts.

Why are websites important for growth?

To capitalize on growth opportunities, websites must serve as platforms for differentiation, thought leadership, business development and talent acquisition. Growth-focused websites are planned, designed and developed with the audience—not the firm—in mind. They are effective at attracting, engaging and delighting visitors by delivering a remarkable user experience (UX) that allows users to find what they are looking for as quickly and as easily as possible. Unfortunately, many A/E/C firms are missing out on growth opportunities due to websites that deliver a subpar user experience and miss the content, design and technical mark. Whether you just launched a new website this month or are planning to redesign in the year ahead, updating and improving your website should be an ongoing priority for the marketing department.

How to market B2B in 2021?

But effective B2B marketing in today’s ecosystem requires a strategic and integrated approach. In 2021, resolve to bring more focus to your communications efforts. Choose the most relevant and appropriate channels for your target audience. Even though owned media (content) may be the dominant centerpiece of today’s marketing mix, it’s best to leverage the strengths of all media options in order to most effectively reach and engage your target audience.

How does ABM impact marketing?

By allowing the marketing team to focus on high-priority targets, ABM can make a measurable impact on business development and the bottom line. It’s been described as fishing with a spear, as opposed to fishing with a net. And marketing teams can add tremendous value by developing highly-personalized campaigns (leveraging a myriad of marketing tactics) that target key accounts (and the various stakeholders inside those accounts) proactively.

What is the role of a website in 2021?

With so much emphasis on emerging trends, many firms have neglected their most valuable marketing asset—their website! But in 2021, your website should continue to play a larger role in the business development and talent acquisition process. Prospects, clients, teaming partners and job candidates alike visit your website to answer questions, perform due diligence, understand your capabilities and experience and inform selection decisions. Is your website up for the task?

What is video in A/E/C?

Video is a powerful storytelling medium that A/E/C firms can leverage to get their message across for a variety of purposes including brand videos, products videos, case stories, culture and day in the life videos, client testimonials, how-tos and thought leadership videos, live streaming and pre-recording shows , just to name a few. While many A/E/C firms have dabbled in video, the medium is not being fully leveraged industry-wide and it remains a largely untapped storytelling vehicle.

What is proposal marketing?

1. Move beyond a proposal-centric, project-pursuit only approach to A/E/C marketing. In the A/E/C world, proposals are synonymous with marketing. Outside of the A/E/C world, proposals are a product of the sales department, not the marketing department. But while proposals do play a crucial role in helping get new business, …

What is IBI Group?

The first non-U.S. firm to make the list, IBI Group is a Canadian firm that opened for business in 1974. They’re notable for their large number of acquisitions over the years, acquiring offices across Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. Key projects include 41 Cooper Square, which houses the Albert Nerken School of Engineering in Manhattan, NY. Across the pond, the firm was also responsible for the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland, and masterminded the travel demand management program for the London 2012 Olympics.

What does "Hochtief" mean?

Break down the word ‘Hochtief’ into two parts, and you’ll get the German words for ‘high’ and ‘deep’ . Fittingly, its major projects have reached both to the stars and deep into the belly of the earth. Take the Zollverein complex, for example: an industrial site so important it’s listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. More recently, the company have been behind the construction of several skyscrapers in Germany’s financial capital, Frankfurt, as well as Ukraine’s Dnipro Arena.

What is the first European company?

The first European-based firm anywhere on our list is Arcadis, a Dutch company with a global reach. Across the world, they’ve been involved in some groundbreaking work, including providing drinking water to one and a half million people in São Paulo, Brazil, and constructing the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, home to some of the world’s leading research in neuroscience. Even if you haven’t heard of these cutting-edge projects, you’ll surely be familiar with the stunning Millau Viaduct above. Spanning the Tarn Valley in southern France, this is the world’s tallest bridge, 23 meters higher than the Eiffel Tower.

What is the largest casino in the world?

One of HKS’s best known projects is the Venetian Macao, the world’s largest casino.

Is SNC Lavalin the same as WSP Global?

We stay not only in the same country and province, but in the same city for our second pick: SNC-Lavalin. While it may share a hometown with WSP Global, SNC-Lavalin has a very different focus, with specializations in oil and gas, mining, power stations and energy distribution. They’re also involved in major infrastructure projects in Canada, including the William R. Bennett Bridge in British Columbia and the Confederation Line in Ottawa, Quebec.

Is WSP Global a household name?

After all, if we did give engineers their proper dues, WSP Global would surely be a household name. The company have had a hand in everything from The Shard in London to the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. Meanwhile, a huge chunk of New York’s skyline has WSP’s fingerprints all over it, including One World Trade Center, the New York Times Building, and Trump Tower .

Where did Skanska originate?

Sweden’s Skanska has been around for well over a century, having its origins in a cement company founded in 1887 in Malmö. Since then, it’s made the move from southern Sweden to the capital, and has undergone dramatic international expansion. Skanska’s major projects have included the MetLife Stadium, as well as renovation work on the United Nations headquarters. Close to the company’s traditional home, they were part of the group that constructed the Øresund Bridge, which links Malmö to Copenhagen, Denmark.

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