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What is the economic impact of Ebola?

In addition to the loss of human life, the economic effects of an Ebola outbreak are devastating. An Ebola outbreak impacts all sectors of the economy, and can have long-lasting effects. In this chapter, we’ll look closely at Ebola’s impact on the economy with the goal to inspire solutions. What impact has Ebola had on parts of Africa?

Which industries were most affected by the Ebola epidemic?

The sectors most hurt by the epidemic were airlines, cruises, and hotels. 8 Shares of American Airlines and Delta Air Lines both dropped 20% in October 2014 after news that an Ebola patient flew the day before being diagnosed.

How has the Ebola virus affected the mining industry in Africa?

For example, the epidemic decreased mining for gold and diamonds in Liberia due to mobility restrictions. The prices of bauxite, iron ore and gold declined by 30 to 60 percent compared to previous years in the three West African countries hit by the virus.

How did the Ebola epidemic affect agriculture in West Africa?

The epidemic had an adverse effect on agricultural market chains in the three West African countries, particularly on communities that rely on agriculture as a main source of income. The Ebola epidemic mostly impacted the transporting of agricultural goods to consumption areas.

How much does it cost to contain Ebola?

The UN predicts it will cost $2 billion to contain Ebola, and that figure does not even include the amount of economic activity lost to Ebola’s presence. The depressing fact is that these astronomical costs, and more importantly thousands of deaths, could have been avoided if action had been taken sooner.

How much is the Ebola virus fatality rate?

The deadly virus, boasting a fatality rate of over 70%, has the ability to awaken an international panic. Fortunately the CDC and the newly appointed Ebola czar, Ron Klain, have more than enough resources to halt the outbreak within the United States. Yet the effects of Ebola will continue to hamper the economy through reduced air travel, …

What is the impact of Ebola on Africa?

A longer term consequence of the Ebola outbreak is the damage it has done to the economies of western Africa. Liberia, recovering from a brutal civil war, has been hit the hardest as the UN predicts that Ebola will shave off at least 2% of the country’s GDP.

Will Ebola continue to pop up on Thanksgiving?

If Ebola cases are continuing to pop up around Thanksgiving , one could expect to see a dramatic decrease in the number of travelers, hampering industry profitability. Airlines have rebounded from their precipitous drop at the peak of the Ebola scare when United and Delta were down 16% and 18%, respectively, over a span of three weeks …

How did the Ebola epidemic affect farmers?

This lowered farmers’ incomes and led to unstable crop prices.

How much did Guinea lose in 2015?

Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone lost $2.2 billion in GDP in 2015 as a result of the epidemic. The greatest losses occurred in private sector growth, agricultural production and trade. A more recent study published in The Journal of Infectious Diseases estimates the total economic and societal costs of the epidemic to be $53 billion. This study considered the cost of losing human life, long-term conditions for Ebola survivors, treatment costs, infection control and deaths caused by other diseases during the epidemic.

Why is it important to contain Ebola?

When Ebola breaks out in a country, it becomes a priority to contain the virus and prevent it from spreading across borders or between individuals. It is necessary to take preventive measures to keep a widespread outbreak from happening. However, the steps needed to control and contain Ebola takes a toll on the economy.

What happens when Ebola strikes?

When Ebola strikes, economic activity goes down. Declining economic activity reduces revenue from taxes and tariffs. In 2015, the deficits were estimated at 8.5 percent of GDP in Liberia, 4.8 percent in Sierra Leone and 9.4 percent in Guinea. However, financial assistance reduced some of the shock.

Why did mining decrease in Ebola?

Decreased mining activity. An Ebola outbreak leads to decreased mining activity due to travel restrictions and loss of workers. For example, the epidemic decreased mining for gold and diamonds in Liberia due to mobility restrictions.

How old is Alfred from Mercy Corps?

Alfred, 28, is one of the young people in this area trying to reevaluate his future after Ebola struck his community in Liberia. As a youth leader, Alfred helped carry out a Mercy Corps market assessment of how Ebola outbreaks affected jobs, schools and the economy at a large.

How much money did the United States donate to Ebola?

The United States donated approximately $2.3 billion to fight the Ebola epidemic and fund response activities. Other countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom also donated millions to the international Ebola response. By the end of 2015, more than $3 billion was spent to fight the epidemic.

How did the 18th century affect the world?

The epidemics of the 18th and 19th centuries had limited financial effects, largely because they were localized epidemics that lasted a few months and not pandemics that affected the entire planet. 1 ? Most securities holders were wealthy enough to relocate, leaving most of the suffering and death to the lower classes.

What stocks have jumped in 2014?

Nonetheless, some stock saw incredible gains at the time. Tekmira Pharmaceuticals saw its stock rocket 200% over the course of 2014 as it worked on an experimental Ebola drug. In addition, Hazmat suit maker Lakeland Industries saw its stock price soar almost 300% between August 2014 and October 2014.

Why did the VIX spike in October 2014?

The Cboe Volatility Index (VIX) spiked 90% over the course of one month in October 2014 as wild market swings became the norm. However, other negative headlines also contributed to the volatility, including Europe’s economic downfall, an energy price meltdown, and new gains by ISIS in Iraq.

Why did cross market arbitrages prevent crashes in the cities hit by an epidemic?

Moreover, because different cities had their own stock exchanges, cross-market arbitrages prevented crashes in the cities hit by an epidemic. However, as globalization emerged, worldwide pandemics created a different reality. Travel spread disease to all corners of the earth and with it came investor panic.

How many people died from Scarlet Fever in 1858?

1858-1859: Scarlet Fever. Scarlet fever killed 2,089 people, most of whom were 16 years old or younger, in Massachusetts between Dec. 1858 and Dec. 1859. Some of the children were employed, but the labor force exceeded 450,000 people so the effects of the epidemic were more emotional than economic.

How much did the Fives bond cost in 1832?

government bond at the time, paying 5% interest per year — traded above par throughout the summer at a range of $103.75 to $104.125 (per $100 principal). This was largely because most trades were over-the-counter and through brokers who could conduct business even when out of the office.

How many people died in 1798?

1798: Yellow Fever. Yellow Fever hit New York in 1798 and killed 2,100 people out of the city’s population of 35,000 between July and October. That year the state had chartered the Manhattan Company to alleviate fever outbreaks by supplying purer water to the city.

How much do stocks fall when news fades?

As the news fades, they give up their gains and drop below their initial levels. They typically fall an average of 10% . Similar to how refineries drop prior to a storm and then rally following landfall, transportation and shipping stocks tend to suffer the most during the initial press coverage of an outbreak.

How many people died from the Congo flu in 2018?

There were 198 deaths from an outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2018 alone, but that didn’t seem to affect markets. This sequence of an outbreak, followed by breathless headlines and completed with a market whipsaw is common.

When did the swine flu outbreak happen?

During the swine flu outbreak in 2009, the number of headlines spiked through the summer and late fall. DAL had a flip flop like UAL’s in 2014. UAL lost 30% during the crisis and gained 130% by April of 2010.

Is the data messy during hurricane season?

Although the data is always messy when you try to find patterns kicked off by calamities, this is exactly what we do when hurricane season hits the U.S. South Atlantic. However, in the case of disease outbreaks, the data is beyond messy . It’s very difficult to interpret.

Is Hong Kong closed to travel from China?

The virus has spread beyond China’s borders, with some countries restricting travel from China. In fact, Hong Kong closed its border with China on Tuesday. The human cost of a viral outbreak like this one is tragic, and hopefully, the disease will be remedied before more lives are lost. However, this is once again a moment when “externalities” seem …

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