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Why De La Salle University Marketing Management?

Overview Vision The De La Salle University Marketing Management Department envisions itself as the country’s first choice source of BS and MS graduates in the marketing and advertising professions who will make significant and important contributions to industry and the continuously changing social fabric of the country.

What kind of degrees does de la Salle University offer?

Now a co-educational institution, De La Salle University offers a wide array of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in different fields such as business, engineering, and liberal arts for which it is mostly known. Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Business Studies (IBS) Bachelor of Science in Management of Financial Institutions (FIN)

What are the campuses of Marketing Management School of Economics?

Marketing Management School of Economics Campuses Manila Laguna Makati Rufino (BGC) Undergraduate Degree Programs Student Handbook Amendments Undergraduate Viewbook Laguna Campus Viewbook Graduate Degree Programs Student Handbook Amendments Graduate Studies Viewbook Brother Andrew Gonzales F.S.C. College of Education College of Computer Studies

What are the requirements for the marketing management course?

Required output is a Marketing Plan, Service Plan, or a Research Study which the group will defend before a panel of faculty and industry practitioners. Quality of the contents of the output must be equal to that of thesis. Passing a qualifying exam in Marketing Management will be a requirement before enrollment in the course.

What is the retention policy for marketing?

Retention Policy. A final grade of at least 1.75 in all Marketing major subjects. Should a student have a grade lower than 1.75 in any of these subjects, he/she will be put on academic probation for one semester. Should the student fail in any of these subjects, he will be put on academic probation for two semesters.

What is a second course taker?

Second Course Taker. An applicant who has completed any college degree from any CHEd recognized college or university, or. An applicant who has completed any college degree from college or university abroad.

How long is a freshman probation?

A freshman is under probation for one (1) year. In effect, he/she shall comply with the following: A minimum load of not less than 15 units per term; A student will not be allowed to apply for Leave of Absence (LoA) except in case of emergency; Students should not incur six (6) accumulated failed subjects.

What is college freshmen?

College Freshmen. An applicant who has completed Senior High School and has not taken any college course, or . An applicant who has completed equivalent Secondary Education from any school abroad and has not taken any college course, or.

What are the careers that La Salle alumni have had?

Many La Salle alumni who have studied in the Communication and Social Interaction track have embarked on careers in corporate communication, law, fundraising, events planning, and training and development at healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, nonprofit organizations, and communication and media training firms.

How many alumni are there at La Salle?

La Salle has prepared me by expanding my network to include the over 50,000 alumni around the world. These alumni are all #LaSalleProud and have always been eager to help undergraduate students like me. Especially in a field like public relations, knowing people is incredibly important. I’ve gotten several positions due to my La Salle network.

What jobs can I get at La Salle?

La Salle mass media and journalism alumni have landed jobs in a variety of media industries. Film editors, production assistants, independent film directors, radio producers, television news writers, on-air talent, reporters for various print news outlets, and online content and media managers are among the types of jobs in which mass media students can thrive. Our faculty and alumni network is wired throughout Philadelphia and national media organizations.

What is a dedicated faculty?

Dedicated faculty who work side by side with students to discuss tough issues, problem solve, and develop communication strategies and tactics that work.

What organizations give scholarships to communication students?

Access to thousands of dollars in scholarships awarded to our communication students from professional organizations such as the Broadcast Pioneers, the Philly Ad Club, the Public Relations Society of America, and the Association of Women in Communication.

What do students learn in communication?

They’ll learn skills like how to support arguments, tell stories, position an organization, and improve business relationships. Using our Think. Do. approach, we prepare our students to tackle their studies, internships, and eventually their career. Our program is unique in a number of ways. Some of the benefits include:

Why is public relations important?

Public relations professionals build bridges to important publics that help organizations of all kinds thrive. Yes, public relations pros are often tapped to speak at press conferences when a crisis occurs. But the simple fact is that these communication professionals are vital to ensuring messages of all types are distributed to the public clearly and efficiently.

What is the name of the De La Salle University?

De La Salle University. De La Salle University, commonly known as La Salle and usually abbreviated as DLSU, is the flagship campus of De La Salle Philippines; a group of private La Sallian institutions in the country. Founded in 1911 by the De La Salle brothers under the name De La Salle College, the school operated as a primary …

What is a BSIMEIT?

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management Engineering minor in Information Tehcnology (BSIME IT)

What is the DLSUCET test?

Passing the De La Salle University College Entrance Test (DLSUCET) is one of the requirements in seeking admission to the university.

What is MBEOSD11?

Master of Arts in Behavioral Science, track in Organization and Social Systems Development (MBEOSD11)

What is an AB degree?

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science (in any business degree program) or ARTS-BUS Program indicate intended majors from any of the AB major fields, combined with any of the following degree programs:

When was De La Salle University founded?

Founded in 1911 by the De La Salle brothers under the name De La Salle College, the school operated as a primary and secondary school for boys until it started offering its Associate in Arts in Commerce program in 1920. Now a co-educational institution, De La Salle University offers a wide array of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in …

Take a closer look at our Marketing MBA Online

In the Master of Business Administration – Marketing Specialization online program from La Salle University, students can deepen their knowledge in strategy, consumer behavior and more.

Choosing our online program is budget-friendly

Our MBA – Marketing online program offers affordable, pay-by-the-course tuition which is the same for in-state and out-of-state students. All program and course fees are included in the total tuition cost.

View the upcoming dates and deadlines for our students

La Salle University online programs are delivered in an accelerated format ideal for working professionals, conveniently featuring multiple start dates each year.

Check the qualifications for the La Salle online Marketing MBA

Applicants for the MBA – Marketing online program are evaluated on a holistic basis. The Admissions Committee takes into account interest, aptitude and potential for achievement in graduate studies. The requirements include:

See the degree plan for our MBA – Marketing online program

For the MBA – Marketing online, the curriculum is comprised of a maximum of 14 courses (39 credit hours)—depending on prior academic and professional experience—including three foundation courses, four core courses, three marketing specialization courses, four executive perspectives courses, and the integrative capstone course.

What is CNM certification?

IDSEI has developed the first professional certification program called: Certified Network Marketer (CNM), with the passion to empower network marketers and direct sellers, by giving them the knowledge and self-confidence they need to succeed. IDSEI’s program has educated and certified over 20,000 people to date, using online platforms.

What is a certified network marketer?

Certified Network Marketer is a professional certificate for Network Marketers and Direct Sellers, initiated by International Direct Selling Educational Institute (DSEI). For the past 100 years, the Network Marketing and Direct Selling industry has flourished and gained the participation of over 60 million people.

How many lectures are there in CNM?

The CNM course offers a wealth of knowledge condensed into 4 hours of video and divided into 12 lectures. Taking you through the ins and outs of the profession, this course unveils the secrets to becoming a successful network marketer.

What is MLM in business?

Master direct selling (network marketing , MLM) and unleash your potential for success in business and in life.

What is IDSEI in sales?

IDSEI is the first and only established knowledge institution for the Direct Selling Industry. Comprising a network of international experts, the IDSEI academic board is responsible for the continuous study, assessment and development of information acquired from and for the industry over time.

How many people are involved in the network marketing industry?

For the past 100 years, the Network Marketing and Direct Selling industry has flourished and gained the participation of over 60 million people. Within that ambitious group is a growing need for academic strength and support. Thus, the International Direct Selling Educational Institute was formed.

What is network marketing?

Network marketing is one of the world’s most unique and profitable, yet misunderstood business models today. The beauty of network marketing is that anyone gets the chance to start without any experience, knowledge or education.

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